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Suriel is an agent of Heaven that collects souls. She is most interested in the soul of the Resurrection Man because he has cheated death so many times.


Suriel is the creation of artist Fernando Dagnino and writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.

Major Story Arcs

Suriel first appears on a flight to Portland, sitting next to Mitch Shelley. She appears to collect his soul and after some turbulence she switches into her true form. In order to save the passengers on the plane, Shelley forces their fight outside. Suriel tells Mitch that it is hopeless to save these people because the flight was doomed before it took off. Mitch defeats Suriel but plunges to his death, resurrects, and leaves the scene before Suriel can find him. Suriel tracks his location to a retirement home in Portland. Shelley is understandably reluctant to let Suriel collect his soul so he uses his powers to fight her off. Suriel gets angry and lashes out at Mitch and seemingly kills him. She believes that she hit him so hard that he would be unable to resurrect on Earth.

Suriel and her fellow Angels

Suriel shows up again, this time with company, in Pittsburgh where Mitch Shelley and Kim Rebecki are searching for clues of where the Transhuman is being held captive. She again demands that Mitch goes with her but it is at this moment that Outcast, an agent of Hell, appears and also demands Mitch's soul. The two celestial agents of Heaven and Hell agree to Mitch's terms to allow him one week to connect pieces of his past before they return to collect what they believe is rightfully theirs. Suriel and her fellow angels leave Mitch and Kim.

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