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Supreme Power was an ongoing series published by Marvel under their MAX imprint and remains the most successful franchise under the imprint, after The Punisher. Lasting for eighteen issues, the series takes place in alternate universe (Earth-31916) and followers the members (before they are members) of its principal team, the Squadron Supreme which serves as an imitation of the Justice League but in a more "realistic" world with the team's members corresponding to those of the League:

  • Hyperion is Superman
  • Nighthawk is Batman
  • Power Princess is Wonder Woman
  • Doctor Spectrum is Green Lantern
  • Amphibian is Aquaman (while all the other characters are much more blatant about their homage, Amphibian is the "Aquaman" character simply by extension of being the aquatic member)
  • The Blur is The Flash

The Supreme Power continuity was continued in the Supreme Power: Hyperion and Supreme Power: Nighthawk mini-series before the series was revamped as a new Squadron Supreme series, which only lasted for 7 issues. Another Supreme Power spin-off mini-series was Doctor Spectrum, which was published during the series. After a second unsuccessful volume of Squadron Supreme at Marvel, a four-issue second volume of Supreme Power was published at MAX in 2011.


This volume has been collected in three trade paperbacks:

18 issues in this volume Add Issue Reverse sort

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