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Hyperion (Mark Milton) finds Doctor Spectrum (Joe Ledger) in Somalia dealing with a hostage situation involving half a dozen American students. Joe tells Mark that he should have kept his head down and done as he was told rather than go around asking questions that he shouldn't have answers to. Mark insists that he just wants to talk, but Joe continues the battle Hyperion started in the previous issue. For the first time in their cataclysmic conflict, Mark feels pain, and their battle destroys a large swath of savannah. Mark wants answers to three questions, who Joe is, who he works for, and where he got the alien crystal that powers his abilities.

When Hyperion grabs hold of the crystal, and sees images of the alien cradle-ship that brought him to Earth, he is staggered by the magnitude of the revelations, but unable to fully comprehend them. Joe once again attacks Mark then flees from the battlefield. Mark is left stunned in a wasteland, surrounded by the corpses of elephants caught in the near-apocalyptic destruction of their fight.

After the battle, Mark goes to a Catholic church confessional to speak with a priest. Mark explains that his entire life he has been lied to and used to harm and kill others, but that if he doesn't control his reactions, he could do great and terrible things to those who wronged him. The priest recommends that Mark get the truth from those who have lied to him (a suggestion that Mark seems to take as permission to derive the information by force), and that Mark might be better off if he joined the church and made confession a regular habit.

As the issue concludes, Mark's military handlers learn from Joe that Hyperion is on his way to find them.

General Notes

Richard Isanove contributes inks to the cover only.

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