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As an apartment building burns out of control on national TV news, Hyperion (Mark Milton) arrives on scene and rescues a dozen trapped residents. Hyperion's military handlers are berated by the U.S. N.S.A (National Security Agency and Central Security Service)'s Bryce, who informs them that he regards Hyperion's good works as a waste of money and resources that should be devoted to the United States running roughshod over the rest of the planet with the world's most terrifying weapon at their beck and call. The Generals defend their use of Hyperion as a tool of misdirection to allow the use of Joe Ledger (Doctor Spectrum) as a super-powered covert weapon. As Hyperion leaves the scene of the fire, a dark haired man in a suit hands him a folded slip of paper.

S.C.U.B.A. diver Connie is enjoying the coastal reefs when a mysterious amphibian humanoid spots her and tries to make contact. The diver flees, tearing her oxygen line on coral in her haste, drowning. The creature gathers Connie's body and brings her to a boat on the surface, where Connie's associate snaps a picture and then attacks the creature with a speargun. Angered, the creature spouts nasty looking spikes and sinks the boat.

Following instructions on the folded slip of paper, Hyperion goes to Beijing and meets with a man who speculates that Hyperion's actions are a diversion, that terrible things that could only be accomplished by a being of similar power level are being done on the other side of the world while Hyperion's whereabouts are clearly identified and documented. He further believes that Hyperion is unaware of these activities, and might be well served by attempting to identify the other being. He also warns Hyperion that seemingly different parties can be controlled by a single shadowy figure.

After a nasty discussion with Bryce, Hyperion decides that rather than show up at Bryce's planned event at 8pm, he would rather locate and confront the other super powered U.S. human weapon. He scans Germany, Bolivia, and then finally encounters the other force in Somalia. In a nova-powered explosion, Hyperion pile drives into Doctor Spectrum (Joe Ledger).

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Richard Isanove contributes inks to the cover only.







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