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While Stanley (the Blur) is engaged in a press conference, Mark (Hyperion) rushes by at high speed to invite him to a chat down the road. They swap stories about their youths, and Mark reveals that he has had troubling dreams (not revealing that his dreams indicate he may have an extra-terrestrial origin), but that he had promised himself that if he ever found someone else with abilities like his own, that they were not true. Stanley suggests that Mark look up another rumored hero, Nighthawk.

Government scientists investigating Mark's alien cradle-ship after the disappearance of Joe Ledger discover that the ship has tiny "seed pods" that released spores into the Earth's atmosphere on entry. Joe returns from space like an angry Christ, ready to destroy the entire world without mercy, then his normal personality returns to the fore. Doctor Adams speculates that the avenging personality may have in fact been the alien ship speaking through Joe Ledger.

As Hyperion, Mark catches up to Nighthawk in Chicago, and learns that Nighthawk only protects African-Americans from Caucasians, and has no real super powers. Nighthawk takes Mark for a klansman, bleeding heart liberal, and space cadet (only the beginning of his reverse-racist attitudes). Mark again begins to wonder whether he is an alien, and if he is, whether he should take control of a world full of insanity and solve its problems by force.

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Richard Isanove contributed inks to the cover only.

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