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Mark Milton, Hyperion is coming of age and seeking to interact with others his own age, and while the world begins to discover other individuals with strange tales to tell.

Mark is having his history lesson by his tutor as he suddenly vaporizes the book out of her hands. His father comes to talk to Mark and tries to figure out whats wrong. Mark explains his restlessness about being confined and learning about the world around him when he has never set foot anywhere besides the compound he grew up in.

The government officials overseeing the Hyperion project have no intention of trusting Mark and create a school environment to their specifications and control. Mark's first day at school begins with him being driven by a Tank to school.

Somewhere at a mental institution, a man begins to explain his horror as his wife and him witness Mark's ship and mistake it for a shooting star. Debbie, his wife, hoping their future child to be a boy. A few months later, Debbie is caught in labor on the roadside by the coast. As the baby was coming, Debbie realized something was wrong. Both of them went into shock and couldn't believe their eyes. Phil, the patient and husband sits on the beach murmuring to god. Debbie takes the child and walks off into the water and drowns herself. Phil repetitively yells that he didn't kill her and the child was not his or human. Debbie floated in the water till the life drained from her eyes as her child looked upon her.

Near a Southern church, a couple and their child are walking home. A hawk is heard screeching in the distant, flying overhead. The father begins to explain that was a Nighthawk and flies only at night because nothing can see its shadow as it hunts. The Mother, Rosalie tells her son, Kyle, that her father Titus Richmond is full of it. Soon after a bunch of rednecks pull up in their truck and begin to harass the couple and shoot them on site, leaving the Kyle in the night as a nighthawk flies overhead.

Next, we meet Joe Ledger, the doctor, being picked up by the government for an experiment which involves the crystal from Mark's ship. They explain to him the properties and anomalies of the crystal and how a focused mind is the only one who can use it. At a firing range, Joe begins to practice firing the crystal. First the energy is so intense and painful, but after some practice begins to learn control of the crystal. Because the energy is still burning in his palm, Joe decides to place it on back of his wrist and the crystal begins to fuse into his skin. Joe falls unconscious and into a possible coma.

In a random underground sanctuary, a child and his mother bring offerings of food to someone named the princess. The child believes this to be only a fairytale and the rats eat the food. The mother explains that this be please the princess and someday she will return and be greatful for the offerings. The boy still doesn't believe a word she is saying till he hears the feint words, "Something is stirring in the world outside." The mother finds this intriguing and continues on her way out as a frail hand is seen reaching for the food.

Mark arrives at his first day of school and isn't greeted to the warm welcome he envisioned. For the better part of the day, he sets himself apart and observes each person. Everyone is keeping their distance from Mark. With his X-Ray vision, he overhears a group of girls discussing Mark. Each one explains their natural instinct at how Mark is different. Mark realizes that he is the only one of his kind, to his knowledge.

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Richard Isanove provides inks for the cover only.

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