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Jason Scott watches a news conference at the white house and discusses his story with the editor of the Washington Herald. Jason tells his editor that his article only presented the news that Hyperion is an alien, and that the true story is going to be the reaction from Hyperion now that the information has been released.

George W. Bush starts his press conference, announcing a series of directives that will expand the powers of the executive branch to investigate and deal with Hyperion and those who covered up information about him, including those who withheld the information from his administration. He announces his intention to conscript other beings with powers and commissioning the justice department to report on ways to find legal excuses for it or to draft new laws which will make his future actions retroactively legal. Stanley Stewart, Zarda, Joe Ledger, Kingsley Rice, Arcanna Jones, Raleigh Lund, Emil Burbank, Albert Gaines, Edith Freiberg, and Tom Thumb are shown as the president makes his address.

Later, Hyperion saves a child from a burning building only to be met with fear and suspicion. In Miami, Detroit, Atlanta, and Chicago, Hyperion finds similar reactions. Eventually Mark goes to meet Stanley in the same field where they first spoke. Stanley regrets not speaking up in Mark's defense, but Mark tells him that it wouldn't have made a difference. He gives Stanley a note to deliver personally to General Alexander to ensure that it arrives "in time."

Hyperion's message is a manifesto, describing how as a child he asked his father whether he loved him, and knowing that his father was anxious at the response, he told his father that he loved his father as much as his father loved him. He tells General Alexander that he loves his country as much as his country loves him, and that he will not continue to play General Alexander's game, and that he is about to demonstrate true power by causing a massive blast at the North Pole. A demonstration of his ability to retaliate with superior force to any further attempts to interfere with his life.

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