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General Alexander is in the basement of his home with his granddaughter Lucy. He is taking apart a watch. He explains that there are only a few geniuses who are able to originally create something like the gears of a watch, and that simply putting it back together again takes no creativity, and that by taking the watch apart he gets to experience the moment of discovery that the creator of the watch first had.

Alexander decides that this is the time to begin disassembling Hyperion in order to bring him back under control. He initiates a disinformation campaign that conceals most information regarding the battle at the mall to imply that Hyperion went out of control and killed dozens of people for no reason without actually saying so. He arranges for government lawyers to interview Stanley Stewart, and threaten him with prosecution on multiple civil and criminal counts for his activities related to the Redstone investigation in order to silence him. Alexander does nothing in regards to Nighthawk, deciding that he is irrelevant.

Hyperion attempts to drown his sorrows with alcohol, but quickly learns that it has no effect on his alien physiology.

Alexander contacts Jason Scott, and arranges for him to interview Mark Milton's government appointed foster parents.

Joe Ledger tries to convince Kingsley that she could be in danger now that the picture of her carrying the body of the drowned S.C.U.B.A. diver has been published, he tells her that there are at least three other super-powered beings that he is aware of, and that none of them are familiar with her like he is. To protect her, he proposes that he bring her to his home. Zarda flies by as Joe lifts a large pocket of water with Kingley in it towards his home.

Jason Scott interviews Mark's "parents." They reveal that he is not a human.

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