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Redstone is captured and held in a government facility where his room is pumped with anesthetic to keep him in check. One wrong move and he'll be executed by having his cell pumped with cyanide gas.

Nighthawk is furious at Hyperion for handing Redstone off to the U.S. Government. He felt that Redstone should have been taken to a court of law and tried for his crimes against the individuals he slaughtered. Mark explains that no one is better equiped to restrain Redstone unless he was dead.

The General overseeing Redstone goes through his personal and psychological history starting with his ambition for power and string of murders involving prostitutes, as well as his senior officer when he was in the military.

The General, later, meets with Dr. Spectrum to investigate a string of individuals who may, also, be super-human individuals and detain them: being Amphibian and Arcanna. Joe meets with Amphibian and gives her a name, Kingsley Rice and demands to know what happen when she attacked the boat a while back.

Mark meets with Blur and goes for dinner. They discuss their entire histories and compare ideologies. Hyperion explains his epiphany that during his "brainwashing," the only thing more powerful than him was the law. Except, after many years, he's realized that the law is only as powerful as one chooses to be. As Stan and him are beyond the social structure of law and order. Mark demonstrates this idea by burning the check and refusing to pay.

The General continues with his interview with Redstone. After Redstone was incarcerated for brutally killing his superior officer, he applied for government experiments, involving the DNA from Mark's ship, to lessen his sentence. Describing how many of the experiments failed or were a complete success. The general inquires to Redstone for his knack of killing to which he simply replies, "Because I can, because i'm good at it, and because--because I like it." The general offers a proposal for Redstone to work for the government and destabilize other countries with his talents.

Redstone accepts.

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Richard Isanove contributes inks to the cover only.

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