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General Alexander has been placed in charge of the super-powered assets project. At the prompting of Doctor Steadman, he calls a general meeting of the various groups who have for years been operating with their own interests in mind, he is particularly upset that Hyperion has been allowed to go off the line, that unauthorized experiments were being done using the alien/human hybrid DNA on subjects who escaped (in an unknown number since the roster of subjects and the listing of which subjects received placebo injections were both lost), and that the alien ship itself was lost in the attempt to kill Hyperion. He expresses annoyance that Joe Ledger is not present at the meeting, but is informed by Doctor Steadman that he sent Joe off to find Hyperion, who he suspects is already attempting to track down Redstone.

Hyperion and Redstone engage in a titanic struggle, blasting craters in the ground, unleashing heat and laser vision, hurling cars and burrowing through the ground. Nighthawk stands by, largely irrelevant. The Blur arrives on the scene after running across three states from Colorado. Redstone heads into a mall, using bystanders as weapons against Hyperion and killing indiscriminately. Stanley (the Blur) implements Nighthawk's plan, stuffing a sticky goo into Redstone's mouth, suffocating him. Nighthawk and Hyperion hesitate to insert the tube that will permit Redstone to breathe, so he can be put on trial. Stanley pushes in the tube, looking reproachfully at Hyperion and Nighthawk.

Joe Ledger arrives and takes Redstone into custody, revealing that the government has a prison that they had constructed for the purpose of restraining Hyperion which they will use to contain Redstone. Nighthawk can't control his anger that "guys like you have all the good powers," and insults the Blur's super speed ability as being useless. Stanley reminds Nighthawk that he's the one who stopped Redstone, takes Nighthawk's clothes, and tells him he can walk home naked.

General Alexander observes Redstone's arrival at the prison.

General Notes

Richard Isanove contributes inks to the cover only.

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