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Hyperion and Nighthawk continue to investigate the serial murder of dozens of prostitutes in Chicago. Nighthawk hopes to make use of Hyperion's government connections to seek out additional information that he can't get from his own law-enforcement sources. Hyperion has quite literally burned his government bridges, and when he tells this to Nighthawk, Nighthawk says that the only other use he has for "a guy like you" is as muscle, and accuses Hyperion of being part of "the system." Hyperion (appropriately) takes offense at this remark given his one-man war against his military and N.S.A. handlers that was precipitated by their attempt to kill him, and takes off.

Government agents inspect the ruins of Hyperion's apartment and come to the conclusion that he is declaring war against those who would use him. They start hatching a plan to bring him back under control.

Hyperion, banking on the knowledge that his falling-out with the government isn't yet common knowledge, makes a visit to the Chicago police to gain information on the killings. He learns that the killer has an unusual modus operandi, one which indicates that he would be inconvenienced if he was caught, but that he has no fear of consequences. The police have identified two possible locations based on clusters of disappearnaces: Colorado and Louisiana. They also identified a possible perpetrator, Michael Redstone, but he was listed as having died in a federal prison while serving three life sentences. As Hyperion leaves, the lieutenant calls the Federal Bureau of Investigation to report Hyperion's visit.

The Blur is also investigating the disappearances, questioning groups of street prostitutes. Hyperion holds a position in geosynchronous orbit to follow up on leads by either the Blur or Nighthawk.

Steadman informs Joe Ledger that one of the prisoners who had been experimented on and escaped has been linked by fingerprints to a series of murders. He only learned because of Hyperion's inquiries. Joe demands that Steadman tell him everything.

Nighthawk finds a lead when interrogating a pimp, older worn-out prostitutes working the worst parts of town have been going missing.

Redstone picks up another prostitute and brings her home. Nighthawk tails him to his shack, but Redstone knows that he's following and ambushes him. As he is attacked, Nighthawk remembers a conversation with his father about the order of the natural world, how things get out of sorts when predators begin hunting other predators. Redstone prepares to further torture Nighthawk when Hyperion arrives on the scene.

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Richard Isanove contributes inks to the cover only.

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