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A crater the size of two football fields has been created by the Nagasaki-sized blast of twenty daisy cutters simultaneously exploding twelve levels below a secretive military installation where the N.S.A. and military handers of Hyperion (Mark Milton) were storing the alien cradle-ship that brought him to Earth. Amazingly, Hyperion has survived the blast. When a pack of ravenous wolves return to their den to find him crouched inside, Mark disintegrates them with heat vision.

In the ancient crypts beneath a Greek island, a father and son descend into a hidden shrine to offer the sacrifice of food as their family has for centuries. The father sends the son back up to the surface after the son sees some unclothed frescoes of "Power Princess" (Zarda), then sits to eat a portion of the offering of food with the rationalization that there's no point leaving it all for rats to eat.

To his shock, the legendary Princess rises from the crypts, on a mission to assist her injured compatriot. Off panel, the nearly mummified Princess devours the father's life force to regain her own youth. A wizened grandmother falls at the feet of the Princess and calls her by the name "Zarda," glad that the day has come when once again Zarda will avenge the cause of women by attacking the world of men. Noticing a grey hair, Zarda devours the essence of the grandmother, then flies off in search of Mark Milton.

Joe Ledger, still resting in his prismatic cocoon at the bottom of the sea, begins to stir, remembering his brutal battle with Hyperion in Somalia. The amphibian creature begins to communicate telepathically with Joe, telling him that she has never been able to communicate with anyone previously, and wants to play a game. Joe apologizes and promises to return later for games and that he will bring her a name when he does. He departs, presumably also in search of Hyperion.

Zarda finds Hyperion's battered body first, and heals his wounds telling him that he will not be alone again.

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Richard Isanove contributes inks to the cover only.

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