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Supreme Kai is the supreme ruler of the Eastern Quadrant of the Universe. He is short, purple skinned with white hair, dressed in a posh Kaio outfit and always accompanied by his ever-loyal bodyguard and friend, Kibito.

East Kaioshin survived Majin Buu's assault on the Kaioshin Kai to become the only surviving Kaioshin, when rescued by his bodyguard. East Kaioshin mentions that he was the weakest of the four kaioshins. Majin Buu proved even too powerful for his creator, the great wizard Bibidi, which forced him to seal up his destructive creation. Without Buu, the Supreme Kai was able to kill the wizard.

Afterwards, he is typically called only Kaioshin, since there are no others to confuse him with. He placed Buu on Earth, not knowing that Bibidi had an evil son, Babidi, with the same evil goals. Once he learned of this, Supreme Kai and Kibito left for Earth and recruited Goku and the other Z-Fighters to aid them in Babidi's defeat. They were unsuccessful and Majin Buu was revived.

Supreme Kai faced Buu once again and fared no better. He and Kibito retreated to their sacred world, bringing Gohan with them in the hopes he could pull the powerful Z-Sword from it's stone. Gohan was successful, but it turned out the sword wasn't what was powerful. The Elder Kai had been trapped inside. Once released, he amplified Gohan's power emmensly. He also told Supreme Kai of the Potara earrings they wore and their ability to fuse two beings together. Supreme Kai fused with Kibito, only to find out after that the fusion was permanent.

After this, Supreme Kai was known as Kibito Kai.

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