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God War part 2: After the three contest who had show that Thor and Supreme are equal in strenght, wisdow and speed, Odin had decided that the bearer of Mojnir will be the winner of a battle field. 
For that purpose, in svartalfeim, Sindri, foremost of the dwarven magi creates a new hammer with the same power of Mojlnir but whose enchantment lasts a mere fifteen hours. 
In a wave of the hand, odin transports Supreme and Thor armed with  Mojlnir and his replica. 
the fight is harsh. The two opponents refuses to let the other to be the future bearer of Mojlnir. But, in secret, Loki, god of mischief, helps Supreme. He even succeeds to avoid the Supreme's defeat after a smart move of Thor. 
The battle goes on, leading the fighters back to the arena of Gladsheim. Loki is very happy that the defeat of Thor could occurs in front of Odin and the asgardian gods. But his joy is stopped when Baldr discovers him and his moves to help Supreme. 
In the arena, the fight continues a full force but in a last blow, Supreme  breaks the replica of Mojlnir used by Thor. He is the winner. At this moment, Baldr brings Loki and forces him to confess his mischief. 
Now, Odin has to decide who will wield the magic hammer between Supreme who wins the fight but had been save by Loki or Thor who finally had lost. So, the king decides to let Supreme wields Mojlnir until Thor will be able to regain it in a future battle. 
Supreme could continue to help Earth and Thor is almost happy to had regain his father's esteem.

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