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Superwoman is an evil counterpart of Wonder Woman from a parallel universe. She is an Amazon and is a member of the Crime Syndicate of America.


The Earth-Three Super-Woman was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Mike Sekowsky in 1964's Justice League of America #29. The Antimatter Earth Superwoman was created by writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely in 1999's JLA: Earth-2. The modern Earth-3 Superwoman of the Crime Society of America was created by the writers and artists behind the 2006 maxiseries 52, and first appeared in 52 Week 52, the series's final issue.

Character Evolution

Silver Age

Super-Woman (Earth-Three)--art by Don Heck.

Earth-Three Super-Woman is a renegade Amazon who left that universe's Paradise Island to see the outside world. She originally appeared with jet-black hair, but in later appearances, she has a white streak in front of her hair, which may indicate that she is aging, due to the possibility that like the Earth-Two Wonder Woman, the Amazons stripped Super-Woman of her immortality. Super-Woman has similar powers to Wonder Woman, but her magic lasso differed in that it could change its shape into any form she desired.

Post-Crisis Qwardian

This version of Super-Woman appeared only in a flashback in Justice League Quarterly #8. She has same history as the Silver Age Super-Woman, but she is from the anti-matter universe of Qward and is a Qwardian being. Hal Jordan states that this Crime Syndicate had fought the JLA, JSA, and Captain Comet in the past (as per the Post-Crisis DC Universe history). This version of Super-Woman, along with the Crime Syndicate she was a part of, was never seen or heard from again after this issue.

Modern Age

Superwoman (Anti-Matter Universe)--art by Ron Garney.

Earth-2 Superwoman is from the antimatter universe of Qward, but is not Qwardian. She was born on Damnation Island (the antimatter name for Paradise Island), and is the last Amazon of her world (because she has killed all of her fellow Amazon sisters). She left the island afterwards to see the human world, which she calls "Patriarch's World" as opposed to "man's world". She took on the alias Lois Lane and took the job at the Daily Planet as a reporter (what became of the real Lois Lane is unknown). She worked her way up to the position of editor on the newspaper, despite her co-workers at the Planet despising her. Superwoman is considered to be the most twisted member of Crime Syndicate. Though Superwoman is an alternate version of Wonder Woman, she also has heat vision, similar to Superman. She has a magic lasso, which releases a person's inhibitions.

Post-Infinite Crisis

Superwoman (Earth-3)--art by Keith Giffen and Manuel Garcia.

In the wake of the 52, a newly re-created Earth-3 Superwoman emerged. She is a member of the Crime Society of America, an alternate version of the new Earth-2 Justice Society of America. Like the Earth-2 Superwoman, her alias is Lois Lane and she also is married to Ultraman. She has similar powers to Wonder Woman of New Earth.

The New 52

Superwoman (The New 52)

Following the DC Multiverse's restructure during Flashpoint, Superwoman and the Crime Syndicate have had their entire history rewritten. No longer do they hail from the Antimatter Universe; instead, they are once again native to Earth 3, a universe where villains, not heroes, are the dominant force. It was revealed in Justice League #23 that the Crime Syndicate of America has been behind the Secret Society of Super Villains' plot, and have been preparing since Darkseid's invasion to take Earth Prime for themselves. Following the success of their plan, Superwoman and her compatriots cross the barrier between the universes and step foot on Earth Prime. Her costume has been altered, looking essentially the same as her previous versions, but her lasso is now shaped like barbed wire.

In Justice League #23.4, Owlman is seen having a relationship with Superwoman in Earth-3. Later in Forever Evil #2, he and Superwoman discuss that Ultraman will eventually find out that her unborn child is not his, but Owlman's.

However, in Forever Evil #7, it is revealed that the child is neither Ultraman nor Owlman's and is instead the child of Alexander Luthor Sr. Superwoman states to Ultraman that Alex is stronger than him and when he asks her the reason for the betrayal. The Crime Syndicate is eventually defeated and Alexander Luthor Sr. is killed. Superwoman is placed is captivity, and while speaking with Wonder Woman, she tells her that the baby has started kicking.

Major Story Arcs

Silver Age

Crime Syndicate of America

Crime Syndicate of America

As a member of Crime Syndicate of America, Super-Woman fought both the Earth-Two Justice Society of America and the Earth-One Justice League of America. They are defeated and are imprisoning between the Earth-One and the Earth-Two universes. During Captain Comet's battles with the Secret Society of Super-Villains, they passed through the area between dimensions and accidentally freed her along with Power Ring and Johnny Quick. Super-Woman, like the rest of the original Crime Syndicate, would later fight the JLA and the JSA yet again, this time at the behest of JSA villain Per Degaton. The Syndicate would later perish as the first victims of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Alexander Luthor, Sr. (the only hero of Earth-Three) sees her as she tries to keep a mountain from falling apart. He tries to call out to her, but she simply responds with "Luthor? What do you want?!?" just as she is swallowed up by the wave of antimatter. She would make a couple of post-mortem appearances: first in issues 23-24 of Animal Man, where the Psycho-Pirate tried to restore the characters killed during the Crisis; and then for a brief cameo in Infinite Crisis, as Alexander Luthor, Jr. tried merging a remade Earth-Three with New Earth. She is nearly fused with Wonder Woman in this attempt.

Modern Age

The Antimatter Superwoman is married to Ultraman, but she despises him and seems to have a variety of lovers. She has an arrangement with the Antimatter universe's Jimmy Olsen, which involves him watching her undress in order to reward him for giving her information and keeping her identity secret. Her nickname for him is "Superwoman's Snitch: Jimmy Olsen." She is also romantically involved with Owlman, though it is undetermined whether this relationship is purely of a sexual nature, or if there are deeper feelings involved. Ultraman is aware of Superwoman's relationship with Owlman; he has refrained from ending their affair, because of blackmail material Owlman possesses, giving him some sway over Ultraman.

Crime Syndicate of Amerika

When Superwoman and the Syndicate cross over to New Earth (during the "Syndicate Rules" story arc in JLA), her relationship Owlman relationship heats up (starting with a night in Venice, Italy). In the 2006 Superman/Batman Annual #1, Mr. Mxyzptlk tells Bizarro the story of how Batman and Superman first teamed up to stop Ultraman and Owlman from sinking the cruise liner both are on. In said story, Superwoman later shows up to attack Bruce Wayne. Superwoman and the rest of the Crime Syndicate reappeared in the 2010 Justice League of America story arc "Omega", where she fights Donna Troy and reveals that she killed all of her world's Amazons.

Post-Infinite Crisis/Countdown to Final Crisis

The Crime Society Superwoman and her team fight against the Challengers from Beyond, who are traveling from dimension to dimension in search of Ray Palmer. She and her team join the Monarch’s army to go after the Challengers. She later fights Jason Todd (who had taken on the identity of Red Robin) on Earth-51 where he gouges out her eyes with his blades. This Superwoman's fate remains unknown after Earth-51 is destroyed.

Powers & Abilities


Superwoman possesses superhuman strength, flight and speed. The antimatter version is also known to have heat vision like her husband, Ultraman. As a Amazon (by birth) she has strength comparable to Wonder Woman.


Magic Lasso

Magic Lasso comparison

Earth-Three Super-Woman's magic lasso can change its shape by her will, while the antimatter Earth version's can release people's inhibitions.


The antimatter version also possesses bracelets similar to Wonder Woman's, that can deflect gunfire.

Physical Characteristics

Superwoman using her heat vision.

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 125 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Other Versions

JLA: Another Nail

JLA: Another Nail--art by Alan Davis.

In the 2004 Elseworlds story "JLA: Another Nail" (where she has a variation of her look that includes knee-high boot cuts), she appears with the rest of the Crime Syndicate (who also resemble their Earth-Three versions) when they interrogate the Flash and the Atom.

Other Media


Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Superwoman in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.

Superwoman (voiced by Gina Torres) learns that her boyfriend, Owlman, has plans for the multiverse so she offers to help him. While traveling between the two worlds to get what he needs she meets Batman, and when he follows her back to her world, she toys with him, till he tricks her and she gets herself captured. She describes herself as “a psychotic killer", claiming that "it’s part or my charm.” This version of Superwoman is an alternate version of Mary Marvel and not Wonder Woman, evidenced by her similarly-garbed "made-men" resembling members of the Marvel Family. An Amazon member of the Syndicate appears in the movie as one of Power Ring's made men, and is named Olympia. It is unconfirmed if she is an analogue to Wonder Woman or Donna Troy.

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