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SuperTed is a Welsh teddy bear with superpowers.


SuperTed was created by Mike Young. Young originally created the character for his son, to soothe the boy at night because he was afraid of the dark. He went on to write over a hundred books about the bear.

Character Development

SuperTed is thrown out with the rubbish when he is found to be defective, at the toy factory where he was made. But a Spotty Man finds him, and brings him to life with cosmic dust. He activates his powers by uttering a secret magic word, after being granted the power to fight evil by Mother Nature.

SuperTed's costume is located underneath his fur, which he unzips and leaps out of when transforming.

Major Story Arcs

SuperTed does not appear in any major story arcs.

In Other Media

SuperTed and Spotty in the animated series

SuperTed was also the star of a British animated show, which was originally made for the Welsh television channel S4C. The show was later dubbed into English, and went on to win several awards. A second series, The Further Adventures Of SuperTed was later produced by Hanna-Barbera, but this version of SuperTed was entirely different, with a complete change in cast and production staff.

Powers and Abilities

When SuperTed says the secret magic word, he is transformed into a superhero bear, who can fly. He also has super strength, and is capable of super speed.

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