Supersenses - Beyond the core 5

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So often enough we get superpowers related to three of the core five senses:

  • Super-hearing
  • Super-sight
  • Super-smell

And every once in a while the other two (e.g., think "Daredevil"):

  • Super-taste
  • Super-touch

And then of course there's the mystical "sixth sense" frequently talked about but we need not go there.

However, scientists still can't agree on how many senses humans actually have, but tend to agree they have more than five. Going by those listed in one example(list others if you'd like), what are some other super-senses that could be treated as powers, and how would they work exactly?

On the list:

  • Sense of pain
  • Thermosense (i.e., hot and cold)
  • Sense of balance
  • Awareness of surroundings and your body's position in them
  • Sense of timing

Then there's Interoception, the senses inside your body, such as:

  • Need to deficate/urinate
  • Sexdrive
  • Hunger
  • Desire to vomit/sickness (very important evolutionary defense against poisons)
  • Exhaustion (respiratory awareness)
  • Need to sleep
  • etc.

So, any idea how any of these would work as superpowers? And again, these would be super-senses, not the ability to screw with the senses of others of alter physical reality. Personally I think "spider-sense" is a perfect example of taking one of these senses—desire to vomit—and turning it "super" by making it apply to external threats instead of just because you ate something yucky.

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Daredevil has a super sense of balance and awareness, he also has displayed precognitive abilities as well
Daredevil also might have an enhanced sex drive lol,

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@cattlebattle said:

Daredevil also might have an enhanced sex drive lol,

lol! I'd believe it.

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