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  1. The Legends that Came to Life! (Jimmy Olsen, Superman, Kryptonite / written by Otto Binder)

Jimmy appears on a game show in which he must name legends, like the Pied Piper and Jack and the Beanstalk. What happens when the legends come to life and use Kryptonite to make Superman helpless?

  1. The Lady-Killer from Metropolis! (Jimmy Olsen, Superman) / written by Alvin Schwartz : Reprinted in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #119.

In Hollywood, Jimmy tries on a Superman outfit and the star Marlin Marlowe thinks he's the Man of Steel. Jimmy and Superman go to Hollywood. When Jimmy tries on one of Superman's costumes, actresses mistake him for the real Superman! At first, Jimmy doesn't realize that's the reason he's suddenly become a babe magnet, but what happens when he does realize?

  1. Supergram The Superman Puzzle Game (puzzle and activity page)

  2. Meet TV's Jimmy Olsen (article about television's Jimmy Olsen)

  3. The Human Flame-Thrower! (Jimmy Olsen, Superman, Professor Potter, Perry White / written by Otto Binder Reprinted in 80 Page Giant #2.

Jimmy breathes in one of Professor Potter's experimental gases, and now can shoot flames. What happens when crooks kidnap Jimmy to use this newfound power in bad ways?

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