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  1. The Planet of the Capes! (Jimmy Olsen; Superman; Lewis Lang; a parallel universe version of Jimmy Olsen, Clark Kent, Perry White, Lewis Lang, and Jor-El; a flashback appearance of Supergirl, Batman and Robin, Mon-El, and the Legion of Superheroes / written by Otto Binder)

When Jimmy Olsen and Lewis Lang discover a strange construct in a desert, it leads Jimmy to... THE PLANET OF THE CAPES!

  1. The Son of Jimmy Olsen! (Jimmy Olsen, Superman, Lois Lane, Lucy Lane, Lex Luthor (behind the scenes) / written by Jerry Siegel : Reprinted from: Jimmy Olsen #56)

In this imaginary story, Jimmy and Lucy have a son, Jimmy Jr., and Lois and Clark have a daughter, Lola. Jimmy Jr. wants to marry Lola, but she won't let him because she's Supermaid. But a plant that gives superpowers is found, and now they can be married. Also, Superman and Supermaid reveal their secret identities. But Luthor exposes the members of this Superfamily to a gas that takes away all their powers. So now they and their relatives are vulnerable to attack by criminals.

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