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  1. Bad Luck for a Black Super-Cat! (Lois Lane, Superman, Catwoman, Batman, Robin, Lana Lang, Lewis Lang : continued from last issue / written by Leo Dorfman) -- 2. Cap's Hobby Center (by Henry Boltinoff) -- 3. "Hush Money, Sweet Lois - Or Else!" (Lois Lane, Superman, Perry White, Lucy Lane, Sam Lane, Ella Lane / written by Otto Binder) -- 4. Champs Against Odds! (public service message written by Jack Schiff)

Lois Lane: I'm wearing the blindfold just as you instructed me, Mr. Blackmailer... and here's my life savings! Now promise me you'll never tell Superman my awful secret!

Superman (thought): I've tricked Lois into thinking I'm her blackmailer. Now to find out what her awful secret is!

"The mystery blackmailer knew the grim secret of Lois' past, so he whispered 'Hush Money, Sweet Lois--Or Else!'"

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To the capitol 0

After the previous issue with the out of place Catwoman, here Lois is left to deal with Superman who has been turned into a cat.  For some reason she and the cat get summoned to the White House, but the overall connection between the plot developments here doesn’t really hold together, as Lana Lang pretty much appears out of nowhere and becomes far important to the story than Lois.  In the backup story there is a case of mixed identity as Lois is convinced that Superman is working with some bad ...

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