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  1. Beware of the Bug-Belle! (Lois Lane, Superman, Perry White, Lana Lang, Velvet O' Mara / written by E. Nelson Bridwell -- 2. Lois Lane's Last Chance! (Lois, Superman, Lance Fortune, Lana, Perry, Lucy Lane / written by Leo Dorfman

"Tired of seeing Lois waste her best years waiting to become Mrs. Superman? Well, we're doing something about it! Read ... 'Lois lane's Last Chance!'"

A flying figure patrols Metropolis...saving lives...capturing crooks! Is it Superman? Look Again! It's Lois Lane Using Lana Lang's famed Bio-Ring to Become the new Insect Queen! and you'll see her take multi-legged forms that are literally out of this world when even the man of steel himself finds it necessary to... "Beware Of The Bug Belle!"

Lance Fortune: Lois, dear! I'm rich and famous! Marry me, and I'll buy you every jewel in this store as a wedding gift!

Lois Lane (thought : If only it was Superman kneeling there, proposing... But I'm a fool to keep hoping. I'll marry Lance! He can make me happy!

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