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  1. Don't Give Fire a Place to Start! (public service message from Superboy / written by Jack Schiff) -- 2. Lois Lane's College Scoops (Lois Lane, Superman, Jimmy Olsen, Pete Ross (flashback) / written by Leo Dorfman) -- 3. Varsity Vic (gag strip by Henry Boltinoff) -- 4. Superman's Secret Wife! (Lois, Superman, Supergirl, Lucy Lane, Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, Professor Potter, Red Kryptonite / written by Otto Binder) -- 5. The Fingergirl of Death! (Lois, Superman, Jimmy, Perry White / written by Otto Binder)

Superman: I know this will break your heart, Lois...but I've been married for years. For reasons I can't reveal, I had to keep my marriage a secret.

Lois: I could forgive you anything, Superman... but why did you have to marry her?

"Challenge! can you guess who is 'Superman's Secret Wife!'"

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