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The Man of Steel meets the Gen-Actives in a super-powered case of mistaken identity with a variant cover by DANGER GIRL's J. Scott Campbell and BATTLE CHASERS' Tom McWeeney.

WildStorm's premier super-teens make their way to Metropolis and get into super-sized trouble in SUPERMAN/GEN13, an incredible 3-issue miniseries featuring the meeting readers have demanded, with variant covers (one on each issue) by DANGER GIRL's J. Scott Campbell and BATTLE CHASERS' Tom McWeeney!

Written by Adam Hughes (GEN13: ORDINARY HEROES), with art and covers by Lee Bermejo (GEN13) and John Nyberg (GEN13), SUPERMAN/GEN13 #1 finds the Gen-Actives standing on the sidelines during the Man of Steel's latest super-heroic tussle. When Superman gets knocked through a few buildings, Fairchild places herself in the line of fire and takes the brunt of the impact. Relieved to find the unfamiliar redhead unharmed, the Man of Steel rushes back to battle — but not before leaving his cape wrapped around the dazed Fairchild.

After the fight is won, Superman and the Gen-Actives are surprised to find that Fairchild has disappeared, taking Superman's cape along with her. Unbeknownst to them, Fairchild has come down with a case of amnesia and made a surprising — and breathtakingly incorrect — realization when she awoke with the S-emblazoned cape: She must be Supergirl!

Can Superman, Grunge, Burnout, Roxy, and Rainmaker find Fairchild before her case of mistaken identity develops a body count?

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