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Superman/Batman review: finest worlds

This book told three very different stories that were all great in there own way, the first of which opened up an entirely new aspect of the relationship between the hero's Superman and Batman by showing that there fathers of late actually once met face to face on the planet Krypton. This could be why Supes and Bats are such great friends. The second story is a rather peculiar "when worlds collide" type story line that demonstrates just how different another world can be, this story also features an appearance from the annoying 5th dimension thorn in Superman's side: mister mxyzptlk.

The concluding tale in this book brings the old quote "absolute power corrupts absolutely" to life as a strange magical phenomenon grants Batman all of Superman's powers rendering clark mortal and Batman just the opposite. Overall I thought that these stories gave good in site into the hearts and minds into our beloved hero's and would strongly recommend reading it sometime.


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