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Review: Superman Batman Annual #4 1

It's been a few years since we've seen hide nor hair of Terry McGinnis, well since those couple of Justice League Unlimited episodes, and he has returned to team up with Superman to take down now old timer Lex Luthor.   The Good Other than the fact it's great to see the return of what started out as the WB cartoon Batman Beyond, this book is a fun, self-contained story. You could easily get by never seeing the original Batman Beyond cartoon to enjoy it. It has all the detective elements tha...

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Superman/Batman Annual #4 Review (Back to Greatness) 2

The announcement of Dan DiDio bringing back Terry McGinnis, the brainchild of Paul Dini and Bruce Timm into the spotlight after years of fans clamoring for his return since 52 was met with open arms by many who grew up watching Batman Beyond. From being featured in this annual issue to having a mini-series, it seems like the Batman of the Future may have a home in the DCU. And after reading this issue, not only he has a home, he's set to be a long-time resident. Terry McGinnis, welcome home. And...

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BEYOND my exceptions 0

The Batman of tomorrow finally makes its way into mainstream comics (aside from the Batman Beyond comic, and some neat cameos in Superman/Batman.). I won't take the time to explain the setting, if you've seen Batman Beyond then an explanation would be redundant, unless you haven't but lets pretend you did. Paul Levitz does an excellent job of taking up from the original series, referencing the starro episode, and even takes time to explain what happened in a brief summary. This issue actually de...

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This Book Had Me At Batman Beyond 0

Plot & Action: Essentially we get a one-shot about Batman Beyond (Terry McGinnis) investigating a case of ghosts and kryptonite drugs. Naturally, that'll bring Terry into the path of Superman. The story does follow continuity from the animated series "Batman Beyond" as they reference Starro-controlled Superman and a few other happenings. It also ties in with some things from the recently finished "War of the Supermen" to anchor it into DC Universe continuity. The storylines converge at a poi...

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Return to the future 0

 I don't follow the Superman Batman comic books much, but when I saw Batman Beyond on the cover, I had to give it a read. And I'm glad I did.  The last time I saw Terry McGinnis, It was on a JSA Unlimited episode when Terry found out that Bruce Wayne was his biological father. In this annual, this actually takes a few months after the episode where Superman invites Batman in the Justice League and he was secretly being controlled by a starfish alien. Once again, The Tomorrow Knight and The Man ...

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Superman/Batman Annual: Terry's Return. 0

Seldom do I ever have a chance to spend money on comics, and with my best friend being a huge Super family fan, i really don't get a chance to read Batman.  I did manage to stop past the comic store and pick up and issue of Superman/Batman Annual #4.   I was surprised to see Terry on the cover, which made me pick it up. The store starts pretty much like any Batman story, with the Dark Knight, atop one of Gotham's skyscraper, patrolling his city, when he notices a mugging going on below him. Afte...

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Superman/Batman Annual #4: A Time Beyond Hope 0

"You Have To Be Born To Be Superman." - Superman. Before I continue there will be stuff that is explained in this issue that might give you some questions to ask. Before reading Superman/Batman Annual #4, you are going to want to pick up War Of The Superman #4, and watch a episode in Batman Beyond called, The Call Part 1 and 2. Doing this will answer most questions that will be asked. Writer Paul Levitz is joined by artist Renato Guedes on a story about Batman of the Future and Superman. This st...

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By The Angry Comic Book Critic       Now I really hate superman....most of the time. This is the only incarnation of the character aside from the Kingdom Come Superman that I absolutely love for a few reasons...One he's not such a damn boyscout in his old age. Two the Suit he wears in this is absolutely bad ass and my favorite one of the man of steel. This is probably one of my favorite future comics cause it stars none other then the greatest future hero ever Batman Beyond and honestly the mono...

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