fedspaz's Superman/Batman #77 - Fright Night review

Fright Knight

I picked this up on the recommendation from one of the guys at my local comic shop.  I usually don't get this title.  He said it is a fun read and so I gave it a try.  For the most part I enjoyed it.
The art is really very good.  All aspects of this issue where pleasing that way.
The banter between Supergirl and Robin was pretty funny.  I have to agree there.  For entertainment value this issue hit the spot.  Fun and funny read that you didn't need to be a follower of this title to enjoy.  The costumes on the kids at the Halloween party were great.  I just looked them over a few times and got a kick out a number of them.  
I get a kick out of Supergirl as a character.  I don't follow her real close, but do enjoy issues with her in it.  Her character is compelling.  I wish I could say the same for Damian.  I struggle with this guy.  The more I read with him in it, the more I want to send him to the naughty corner.  I just don't enjoy that guy.  
Overall this was an enjoyable read.  With enough humor mixed in to make it really fun.  
I give it a solid 4.


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