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Good fun

I liked this little one shot, good fun if you want a quick read
The good  
Damian, Damian, Damian. He's just a great little smarmy character. In the right writer's hand's he makes a book worth buying, I just worry he'll end up in the wrong person's hands and they ruin him. 
Supergirl's nightmare, glad to see someone following up on the effect blackest night should have had. I feel like other books neglect the fact seeing the dead rise should have seriously messed some people up 
The bad 
It was all sewn up in a neat little bow too easily. The fight was too short (come on, Batman Vs. supes I can believe but Damian's not this good) and the bad guy was found too easily. But it was a one shot so i'm willing to forgive as they quite rightly put the bulk of the book on the characters. 
The nitpicking 
I read this after listening to the comicvine podcast, so now I cant look at the cover without thinking of bab's comment. She's right, it's weird! 

Posted by thatlad

"lil matches" 
Read this issue, you'll understand. Genius

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