facemelter88's Superman/Batman #77 - Fright Night review

Arrogance at its most adorable

This issue was a total surprise to me. it was awesome, who knew Damian and Supergirl could make a hilarious team. The story is nothing we haven't seen before but the best aspect of the issue is how the two interact. Damian has some of the best quips and rebukes I've ever seen. Killer Croc yells, "You're not Batman," and Damian replies "Not yet," I really liked seeing Damian's arrogance and cockyness come off as funny and not douchey. So they team up to figure out who killed a bunch of people found in a mass grave and her attitude toward Damian and vice versa is great. And if you don't laugh, chuckle, giggle or snicker when you see Supergirl in a bunny costume...then you have no soul. I really liked finally getting an explanation to where Scarecrow went during Blackest Night after being a deputized Yellow Lantern. But if you don't get it yet this is a great issue so for a good laugh  check it out....or else.

Posted by AgentOfAnarchy

That Son of batman picture made me laugh so hard when I read it.

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    The Good: HILARIOUS. An absolute masterpiece of comedy in superhero comics at its finest.  99% of the source of said comedy is the dialogue between Supergirl and Robin (as the cover implies). IT IS GLORIOUS. Robin's hit the point where he can back up his arrogance, and he sprays it out in more of a clever way rather than pure hatred as he did when he first appeared.The art was really cool. I have to keep my eyes peeled for this artist in the future, it was cartoony without getting too cartoon. I...

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