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"I know thousands of ways to kill you. Thousands, Grayson."

*Short review* As a Halloween treat this comic is full of action, suspense and many comedic moments, it is a great read and I don't regret the $3 cover price.  I would pick it up. 
*Extended review* In a series that is suppose to be Superman and Batman, Superman and Batman are not always the focal points.  In this issue we get a special Halloween treat with Supergirl and "Little" Wayne... I mean Damian Wayne take to Metropolis to solve a crime.  Weird pairing, but Damian just makes a great counter character.  This new Robin is nothing like any of the past Robins, being the ninja assassin he is he is likely the most dangerous of all the Bat family.
This comic works on the "Little" Wayne dynamic which was established in Grant Morrison Batman and Robin series, what I mean by this is the older more mature character has to babysit the most dangerous teenage superhero in all of comics. Little Wayne doesn't respect authority and it is interesting seeing him interact with an older, more mature and beautiful role-model in Supergirl.  Supergirl is forced to work with Damian because Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Superman are all off doing something else.  This becomes a chance for Damian to prove his value to his family name and solidify he is fit to one day take the Batman mantle. If you are a fan of Damian "Little" Wayne 'Robin', then you should seriously look into this book, Supergirl fans can walk away with enjoyment as well, but it all about "Little" Wayne.
Happy Halloween
- Silkcuts
Posted by Liberty

I like the review but not so much the cover.  I mean who throws a pumpkin? =]

Posted by Silkcuts
@Liberty:  I like the cover, not love it.  I think it represents Damian's immaturity. 
thanks for recommending it :D

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