graphiccasualfreak's Superman/Batman #77 - Fright Night review

Holy Awesome Comic Batman!

       I loved this issue.  I kind of hated the whole pink bunny thing.  But otherwise, super awesome everything else.  I can't believe how well this issue was written and drawn.  If this is a mark of things to come for Superman/Batman I can't wait to see more.  Supergirl was done especially well in this issue.  Even better than in her own book.  I hated the cover but I loved everything else.  GET THIS ISSUE!  Probably a good issue to start reading Superman/Batman as neither Superman nor Batman are in this one. 


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    What the Dr ordered. 0

      With the current state of the bat-verse it has been a while since I sat down and enjoyed a comic without having to really concentrate and re-read, for anyone like me this issue is just what the doctor ordered. It’s fun, interesting and engaging. Admittedly you guess who the villain is halfway through but the interactions between supergirl and robin make up for it. Certain parts made me laugh out loud to the extent that I was given a wide berth on the train. A great Halloween issue and a truly ...

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