the_mighty_monarch's Superman/Batman #77 - Fright Night review

Screw Superman/Batman. I Want More of THIS. A LOT MORE.

The Good: HILARIOUS. An absolute masterpiece of comedy in superhero comics at its finest.  
99% of the source of said comedy is the dialogue between Supergirl and Robin (as the cover implies). IT IS GLORIOUS. Robin's hit the point where he can back up his arrogance, and he sprays it out in more of a clever way rather than pure hatred as he did when he first appeared.
The art was really cool. I have to keep my eyes peeled for this artist in the future, it was cartoony without getting too cartoon. It had a vaguely 90's look, but gave it nice sheen of modern look. 
Every single character who shows up is extremely well written.  
Continuity is VERY well observed. They go to see Luthor but he's away, Spalding is there. Fits in with Action Comics. 
Supergirl looks SOOOO adorable in that bunny costume. She hates it but me? <3 
Without spoiling it, the whole ending scene is really awesome. And the villain's motivation? So fitting. 
The Bad: Damien suggests he knows everything, and he does have the 'detective' thing down, and seems to know A LOT. So why, when Supergirl asks where Dick is, does he suggest the Justice League? Supergirl is PART of the Justice League. Am I supposed to believe he doesn't know that? 
In Conclusion: 5/5 
Make no mistake, there's no deeper character development or badass over-the-top action; this is pure comedy, and it never claims to be anything else. The cover says it all plain as day. This is Supergirl and Robin teaming up to solve one case and be total laugh riot along the way. If you like either character this is an absolute must read.

Posted by Duo_forbidden

I agree, this issue was just great. Almost reminded me of the Stephanie/Damian team up in Batgirl.

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