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Superman/Batman - How They Made It To 75!

 You Also Get To Find Out What This Is.
Superman/Batman celebrate their 600th, um, 75th issue anniversary! Everyone (who buys this comic at least) is invited to fly, grapple and time travel to this amazing issue! 75! Superman/Batman's series is an elseworld/alternate earth and a whole bunch of other things, story line. It is unknown if this is actually "claimed" as a "elseworld" story line, or a "mainstream" story line, however this is a series that crossover between main and alternate world story lines. Superman/Batman #75 is a good jumping on point, or jumping off point (just kidding). With Joe Kelly, David Finch, Michael Green, J.T. Krul, and numerous artist and writers, fly onto this amazing anniversary of a tail of the worlds finest heroes!  


 How The Legion Jumps Into The Story!
 Groin Attack!
Wow 75 Anniversary! I thought only 100's get anniversary issues, guess I was wrong. Superman/Batman #75 has been my favorite in the series, sure the previous issues and series were good (example Superman/Batman: Supergirl) however the ball was really hit out of the park on this one! The cover was what captured me into this Anniversary issue. Frank Quitely does an amazing job drawing Superman and Batman. While the cover isn't Bruce (It's Dick Grayson if you were wondering), the picture does tell the story. Or at least what's going to be in-store for the heroes of Superman/Batman. While I don't like the Legion Of Super Heroes that much, I do like the many adventures they have when they crossover with Superman's timeline. Each story in Superman/Batman #75 Anniversary, is funny, action and violent for all those who like that kind of stuff. If you asked me what my "favorite" story in this issue was, It would have to be "Brothers In Arms" Story and Artwork by Billy Tucci. I personally like Billy Tucci's stories and artwork. Really classic and new at the same time. "Groin Attack" was a perfect add to that story! Oh, I almost Forgot. David Finch did a great job on "Eternal" story line. Everyone deserves a pat on the back, whoever worked on this anniversary issue.


I like this artwork by Jill Thompson.  
 Get To Work. Bullets Bounce Like Crazy, In This World!
Hulk Smash. Hulk Smash. NO! Hulk isn't in here. Legion adventures, I don't know what to say. I just don't really understand the Legion Of Super Heroes (L.O.S.H.). I always saw them as, heroes who banned together because Superman inspired them to become, well, heroes! They also time traveled a whole bunch, and had issues with each other dating in the team. I saw them as rip-offs of Booster Gold, almost. However, I still read their "current" series. Why is that? I've got no idea. So if you like the legion, they are mostly the stars in the opening of Superman/Batman 75.   

Superman/Batman #75 Anniversary's Verdict

 Conner and Damian. Superman/Batman.
You've got to say, Anniversary of Superman/Batman #75 is something that is a work of art (and writing. Great Stuff can happen to great stories like this, I leave you with a awesome panel of David Finch Artwork and a question. You Ready for awesome (this isn't the question)? What Would You Do If Bruce Kissed Lois? That's the question. When you make a s'more with this awesome issue, you get a issue that is a 5/5. So go out an get this issue!
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