abeyance's Superman/Batman #48 - K, Chapter 5: All-American review

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Kryptonite Doomsday...

This was like WOW when i first saw this issue, and then I started reading it. This was to be an all out slugfest like all other Superman vs Doomsday incarnations. Only it spands a couple of pages out of the entire comic. Plus it seems old supes has grown more tolerant around kryptonite. He use to turn into a weak punk that any joe could kick around. Now he is still able to go at it with Doomsday,sorry All American Boy who is imbued with Kryptonite bones. I mean serious Superman could barely take Doomsday in his top form. Maybe its a side effect from being sun dipped to face Imperiex. Either way i was expecting another showdown in the big city, instead got a scuffle in the country side. Oh well I guess it was still interesting to see Doomsday brought back in some form, and there is still one last issue Batman and Superman have to resolve before this event to be all over as Last Line had a benefactor supplying their kryptonite squad.


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