inferno45's Superman/Batman #44 - K: Chapter 1: Strange Favor review

Very cool concept

When Superman is injured by an explosion of Kryptonite in a battle with Livewire, he is put out of commission for three days. He begins to blame himself for any lives lost on those three days. He asks Batman to do him a favor. Help him get rid of all Kryptonite on the planet Earth.

This was a great issue that showed just how dangerous Kryptonite can be. It was good to see Superman a little shaken up over Kryptonite. Usually he just tries to keep away from it but now he doesn't want any handicaps. I liked how Batman tried to reason with him explaining that Kryptonite is what makes The Man of Steel human.


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    Superman / Batman #44: K: Chapter 1: Strange FavorDuring a throw-down with Livewire and stray bits of Kryptonite, Supes is left seriously injured. After 3 days of healing himself, he has a strange request for Bats ... help get rid of all the Kryptonite on the planet.Bats uses the JLA computer to come up with the model of Kryptonite caches all over the world, and they are both surprised at what looks like an inordinate amount, scattered on every continent. The task now seems almost insurmountable...

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