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Mark Verheiden  (Battlestar Galactica, Smallville) brings you the conclusion of the epic story pitting DCU aliens against the Earth. You won't believe who the Last Son of Krypton and the Dark Knight must face in this finale!    
Across the world, the blackrocks fall affecting all those that come in contact with them. Batman continues to be infected, himself, fighting against Superman. Superman tries to get through to him as he takes the punches from Batman. He knows that the blackrock will release Batman if it believes it is in danger but it also knows that Superman will not kill Batman. Superman makes it clear that he does know how Batman's mind works and that he'd rather die than lose his soul. As he starts hitting back, he says he will do whatever it takes to bring him back or give him peace. The blackrock appears to believe him as it leaves Batman's body.

An infected Jimmy visits Lex Luthor. It seems the "others" want Lex but with a clear mind. They do not wish him to be infected. As he's about to be taken, he tries to bargain for his life by saying he knows how to deal with Superman, how his type think. He is soon surprised to see that Despero is also working with the others. He tells Lex that if he tells him how to kill Superman, they may let him live.

Superman and Batman regroup to prepare for a final battle. They pick up a nuclear device that Batman had liberated from the Joker to use as a last resort. Superman takes on all the infected heroes as Batman enters the others' ship. He runs into Jimmy but is still prepared to detonate the device if need be.

When Superman is faced with the others and Despero, he tries to talk things out again. He tells them that not all humans are evil and need to be wiped out. He reminds them that he was from another planet and taken in by humans. There was no personal gain for them. He's been embraced by the world as Superman. He has seen the nobility of the human spirit and wants to be part of that. He then tells them that Despero lied to them. Outraged, Despero tries to stop Superman from talking to the others. He asks Luthor how to destroy Superman. Before Lex can answer, Batman gives him a boot to the head.

The others are still unsure. The fact that they've been listening means that they are conflicted. Superman tells Batman that he has to believe in them and trust them the way he does with him. Hesitating for a second, Batman does. The conflict is over immediately. All those infected have been released. The aliens leave without a word.

Bruce Wayne now thinks over his ways. Superman saved the world because he believes in humans. Bruce realizes that he needs to try that himself. He tries to be a nicer person in his Bruce Wayne persona and reestablishes his friendship with Superman.

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