Your favourite Superman's fight scenes

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Too many to choose from for me, sorry!

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Damn the leech is favorite fight scene....I have to think about it

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My fav fight will always be the first he had with Doomsday, I must admit I didn't read or like Superman at all until I read that book. Since then I've grown to become a fan.

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Anytime he runs into CM or BA means that we are in for an impressive show. My all time favorite is probably the final battle in Kingdom Come.

That said I have always loved Metallo fights, which usually consist entirely of Metallo beating on Kal-el for like 10 pages straight.

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I agree

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Vs Thor or him knocking out Jugg. Doomsday was also great.

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Superman vs Captain Marvel in Kingdom Come was awesome, certainly the best fight.

I also enjoyed this battle when Superman got mad because of Maxwell Lord

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