You Think Supermans Farts Stink?

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Or would he be able to control the smell of his farts? A logical question, no?

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They cause cancer. Damn alien poots.

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I have assumed that's how he flies, but if Green Lantern doesn't smell it while flying next to him, then i guess not.

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I would think his physiology is so perfect there wouldn't be need to produce any flatulence.

#7 Posted by Imagine_Man15 (1801 posts) - - Show Bio

This is why he needs the Fortress of Solitude. If he were to fart in public, the death toll would number in thousands.

#8 Posted by Ms. Omega (4391 posts) - - Show Bio

Why was this made? Plus they smell like fresh baked bread.

#9 Posted by Quintus_Knightfall (84372 posts) - - Show Bio
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@katanalauncher said:

I would think his physiology is so perfect there wouldn't be need to produce any flatulence.

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what is this smell?
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Does Superman need to eat?

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@spiderbat87: I think he does because he likes to and to keep stomach his stomach from growling(I don't care if he doesn't NEED to, an empty stomach would still make noise), but it's not REALLY a necessity for him.

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Can someone please tell me what's the point of this thread?

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Dang. And some people go crazy about the Storm threads.

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It doesn't smell. Sheesh! It's his flying propulsion. Ain't seen anybody complaining about the smell when he flies.

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I guess when I think about it, It would probably be like a nuclear bomb, wiping out anything in a 100 mile radius. Poor Supes, you better hold that shit man! Go to space and let it out.... That's gotta be a site for the citizens of planet earth. Did the JLA tower blowup again? Nope, superman just farted.

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@ZombieBigfoot said:

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superman farts and an angel gets his cape

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I'm no Kryptonian physiologist, but I wouldn't think Superman's Kryptonian digestive system would have the adverse reaction to foods we humans do.

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To 75% of this site they smell like Kryptonian roses.

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