Yay or Nay?

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This isnt me btw. Im just thinking of getting a Superman tat pretty soon
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Supaman that ____.

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I say Nay.

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Its a cool concept and I think it looks cool... on someone else. That being said I have two tattoos and my rule has been don't get anything that I'd be embarrassed to show my kids one day or that'd cause me to wanna leave my shirt on at the pool.

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Nay. Full complete nay.

Getting a tattoo in the middle of your chest (if that's where you were going to put it) is a complete NAY. Don't let that represent you for the rest of your life. Get it on your back or shoulder.

And that particular tattoo isn't the best Superman tatt I have seen. It's unique....but I would see myself getting tired of it after a week.

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Im thinking about just getting the Superman Crest over my right pec, not a full chest tat like this guy. I just wanted to see what people thought of it

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This ones pretty awesome! 
If I could switch Batman out with the Nightwing insignia and then integrate The X-Men symbol this would be perfect  

But for right now, something like this, shrunk down a bit, it what I have in mind 
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Your idea on one pec sounds cool, I have the Superman S Shield on my left arm and am going to get the Superman #233 "Kryptonite Nevermore" Superman breaking the chains pose on the inside of my left bicep. I think that tattoo is pretty badass, but not on someone with such a unflattering upper body haha

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Nay for me, but personal freedom is a great thing so more power to these fans.

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Nay, exaggerate for me, the Superman/Batman would be a good option for me

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Yay, but nothing that covers ur entire chest.

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Nay nay nay...Tat is looking fresh but imagine how it would looks when you're let me say 70 year old.

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I'd have to go with nay too unless you get a smaller one on a part of your body that's inconspicuous.

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Good Reason, like for his morals or his attitude: Yay

Bad Reason, because it's Superman: Nay

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Nay thats a pretty corny tat

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@Hector said:


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Nay! Only cause it's the outdated Routh "S" as opposed to the new Cavill "S"... Nyahahahahahaha!

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It is fine for an arm tattoo but for a full on back or chest piece hell to the NAY!

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Yay to getting a Superman tattoo but Nay to the one in the OP. I would like to get one as well but i just want a 3" or 4" on on my calf.

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Nay. its too big and too garish. I'll go with a small on the biceps.

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I'm liking the kryptonian symbols down the back...that's cool but I think that for chicks though

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@PowerHerc said:

Nay for me, but personal freedom is a great thing so more power to these fans.

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