Would This Be A Good Plot Synopsis For 'MAN OF STEEL'?

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http://bit.ly/FQV4Tw I read this plot synopsis, and even though it says it isn't real, a lot of the stuff in it corresponds to what we've seen in the trailer, even the scene with the tornado. I for one think there is a lot to this description and if any of it is in the movie then we are in store for a hell of a film. What do you think?

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It's awesome but I hope it's not too accurate I want to NOT know everything before I go see it.

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My guess on the real movie plot : Jonathan Kent keeps on saying maybe this, maybe that, so Clark Kent is really confused about his purpose in life. This forces Clark to travel the world to find better advice on earth since his adopted father is an idiot and adopted mother only knows how to cook and sew. Unfortunately, each country is populated by the same idiots so Clark is as confused as ever. Jor-El computer has to tell Clark to become Superman bec. Zod has arrived so Superman finally has something to do. Zod is beaten to a plop but Superman lets Zod live in the phantom zone bec. Superman has become a vegan. The end.

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