World Of Smallville (1988) odd mistake?

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Hi everyone,

This is something I noticed in "World Of Smallville Issue 3 - Stolen Souls"

Lana is recounting the time when Clark showed her his powers & took her flying and then this happens:

Look at what the guy in the second panel is saying. This refers to Golden Age Superman of course, but how can that be? Or was he referring to someone else? There was no flying man before Superman.

This series takes place shortly after the Manhunters (DC Millenium) arc, although I doubt it's got anything to do with his comment.

So, any idea what he may be referring to?

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he may have been referring to the JSA

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@danhimself said:


he may have been referring to the JSA

This seems like the most logical explanation

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Ah yes, those guys were supposed to have retired by then. Thanks, I didn't think of that.

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