Will Kevin Costner be in the Superman Movie?

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When it comes to comic book movies, it seems the success could be dependent on the number of rumors and bits of leaked information generated before the movie's premiere. With Superman: The Man of Steel, we've seen a couple rumors so far. We know Zack Snyder is directing and Henry Cavill is playing Superman, but that's about it. The last rumor we had was Lindsay Lohan might have a role (as Ursa?!?). Yesterday another rumor surfaced. 
Latino Review has word that well-placed sources are saying Kevin "Dances With Wolves" Costner has been added to the cast. Who would Cosnter be playing? They're saying Jonathan Kent? 
I have to admit it's an interesting choice. Honestly, I can't say that it would make too much difference unless Pa had a bigger role in the movie. This is almost like casting Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben in The Amazing Spider-Man (but not quite the same). I don't quite understand the need to cast a bigger named actor only to see them play a minor role (minor in that they won't appear on screen for long).  
I'm not really a Kevin Costner fan but I don't really have anything against him. I guess he could pull off playing a Kansas farmer. If he plays Jonathan, who will be Martha? And will Jonathan live or die before Clark leaves the farm (as seen in some versions of Superman's story)?
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I heard he was going to be playing Pa Kent on IGN

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Yeah, I read the Pa Kent thing too. That works for me tbh.

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I would like to see him there. And Lindsay Lohan????

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As long as Superman gets to fight someone I'm happy 

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@joshmightbe: Superman fighting Lindsay Lohan? Hmmm....
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@G-Man: lol
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could be Lex...?

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@spiderbat87: No he couldn't pull off Lex, maybe Metallo if they wanted the human looking version but not Lex
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@joshmightbe said:
" @spiderbat87: No he couldn't pull off Lex, maybe Metallo if they wanted the human looking version but not Lex "
Ugh naw ad rather it was the guy from smallvill played him 
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@spiderbat87: Metallo was just the first villain that popped in my head 
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A better question: Why would there need to be a Pa Kent?  Between the comics, the Christopher Reeve movies, the DVDs, Smallville, and word of mouth - don't we all pretty much know the origin by now?  Is it worth even 5 minutes before or during the credits to once again tell the story of an infant rocketed to earth when the distant planet Krypton exploded, who was found by a kindly old couple in a small town in Kansas who adopted and raised the boy who gained extraordinary abilities under Earth's yellow son and lesser gravity?  There.  I've covered it.  Start the movie with Superman smashing things.  Repeat as needed until 2 hours have passed.

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Is the movie an origin?

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Kevin Costner?  I hope not.
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I think Kevin Costner should play as Jonathan Kent. Since he's an old actor.

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 Susan Sarandon as Martha? 

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Kevin Coster is a fine choice for Pa kent. And I don't think he is too big an actor for this role, maybe 10 years ago, but today he is ripe for the role.
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I hope he plays Jonathon Kent. I think he is a good actor and would like to see his take on that particular role. I love the guy that plays Jonathon Kent in Smallville and i think he does a great job but obviously he wont be cast
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I can see him as a good ol' fashioned Smallviller.

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I would have liked him for a villain. Ever since 3000 Miles To Graceland Ive wanted more sinister from Costner.

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When was the last time Kevin Costner had a success? Lindsay Lohan? She'll play an inmate I suppouse.
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Lindsay Lohan? F*ck no.

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I sort of like the idea of Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent

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