wich superman title suide i follow

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After seeing the man of steel movie i wanna get in to Superman comic and i was wondering wich ongoing one is the best atm?

action comics


superman unchained

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@kwodam: Unchained without a doubt.

Don't follow AC until Grek Pak takes over

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Ive read the first 12 issues of action comics and enjoyed them. But, they are a bit confusing, at least for me it was. But i did enjoy them a lot. Superman I've only read issue number 1. It didn't have that WOW factor, but since I already got the first 3 issues of that series I'll have to read those before I can judge it, but I havent heard good things about it. Unchained is just plain awesome. Issue number 2 came out today. It just started last month so you can walk into any comic shop or store and probably pick both issues up. I highly recommend it, plus the art is just F'ing badass! Another superman title I recommend is batman/superman. It just started too, issue 1 was good.

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Superman Unchained.

Action Comics and Superman are only okay.

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Read Action Comics 1-18, after that wait until November for Greg Pak.

Superman Unchained and Batman/Superman.

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Unchained and batman/superman. I don't even like superman that much and I thought he was a boring character but Unchained has so far proved me wrong, it's awesome

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@sandman_ said:

Read Action Comics 1-18, after that wait until November for Greg Pak.

Superman Unchained and Batman/Superman.

Yup, listen to this.

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Thx guys for the info.

I am gonno try superman unchained and batman/superman dint even know they had that.

Hope there both good.

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@kwodam: Definitely follow Unchained.

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