Why I think Lee and Snyder's Superman might be Bad

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I know. Quite a bold claim that can be derived from the title. Let me preface with assurance of what this post will not be, which is a screed against the creative team on this forthcoming title. It will be amazing in both art and content. It would be quite foolish for DC not to capitalize on not only the Superman's 75th anniversary, but also Snyder's Man of Steel (me thinks its a conspiracy that men named Snyder are working on Supes, Germans!).

My main concern for the book is that it might not jive with the established characteristics of the New 52 Supes. In Action Comics, as well as Lobdell's Superman run, the character has been channeling his Golden Age progressive populist roots (fighting corrupt businessmen, politicians, wife beaters, etc.) and now has left the Daily Planet because of its rampant yellow journalism, all of which done in a not-so-mild-mannered fashion! Although he has his moments of melancholy and introspectiveness, he is more brash, arrogant, likes checking on people's cellphones (because anyone can and will if they had x-ray vision, sorry Ms. Lima), and willing to brazenly defy the government if it means serving the people of Metropolis and Earth better. I think this runs contrary to Lee and Snyder's explicit statements on their Supes interpretation of being a man of restraint, when in fact he hasn't been. Even the Earth-23 Nobel Peace Prize-winning one interfered in the affairs of other countries in Action Comics issue 9! Overall, I'm fearful that all of these awesome elements of New 52 Superman will be lost or discarded with Lee and Snyder's run.

Quell my fears, gents!

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@ampm1789: At least in my opinion, I believe that some characters have several sides to them.

For instance, Wolverine. You have the Savager Warrior and the Noble Warrior.

I think Superman could be given extra sides to him, and as long as Scott Snyder keeps an eye on what Morrison and Lobdell have done, he'll do fine

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I agree with that ^

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@ampm1789: i hope and like to think that Snyder is a responsible writer and will keep the previous authors works in mind.

My only fear for this series is that will not live up to its hype.And some people will start complaining like with DoTF or Court of Owls.

Which personally I found great!

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as long as geoff johns isnt touching it, love his other stuff (GL,aquaman) but having billy batson as edgy and kind of a jerk is just horrible to me . imagine if superman was acting like a big jerk , anyone who has been on superdickery.com knows what i mean lol

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@SoA said:

as long as geoff johns isnt touching it, love his other stuff (GL,aquaman) but having billy batson as edgy and kind of a jerk is just horrible to me . imagine if superman was acting like a big jerk , anyone who has been on superdickery.com knows what i mean lol

Actually geoff johns wrote some great superman stuff in action comics before the reboot (and im not his biggest fan)

I agree tough, his superman in justice league is kind of boring and just a flying brick altough i dont have any problems with his shazam stuff

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@Stormbox: never knew that , shazam is getting better with sivana and black adam in the picture (still not liking billy's personality), and i guess im not seeing it in JL because i see it as a team book so there is not a whole lot written as far as individual character development is concerned

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In Scott I trust... and Jim... Two of my favorite artists and writers. I will blindly follow them haha

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Superman has many facets. I love the New 52 version because he shares many traits with Kal-L who is my favorite version of Superman, but just because that is my favorite version doesn't mean I don't enjoy any other version LESS or think that there is a definitive Superman. I mean yes Superman has to help people and be a superhero, but there are many ways this can be done.

I for one applaud Smallville for showing Clark becoming a vigilante as The Blur and working from the shadows. Why? Because we've never seen Superman do that. It took him into new directions. Something people tend to forget about Smallville is that it's NOT a Superman show. It's a show that shows a Clark Kent that still managed to fight crime and be a hero without being Superman proper and that is a very interesting idea.

I think Man of Steel will indeed be a movie that shows us yet another interpretation of Superman and one to add to the list of greats.

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Instant quelling: Talented artist. Awesome writer


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Why i think lee and snyder's superman might be good.


they are lee and snyder.

nuff said

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@Squalleon: people will always complain. Even if the story is good

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@MrShway88: I know, believe me i am not too long in this site but i learned that lesson pretty well

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I think the OP raises valuable points, that the established changes and the core voice of the character as written by Morrison and Lobdell is fine and "needs" to stay as such. However, I do believe that Snyder will not do anything as such to change things drastically. I'm optimistic about Snyder as much as a cynic I am. I think the kind of restrain he is talking about is of a whole new level. For eg: I read in his tweet how Supes will be really pissed off and almost losing it. Something Superman doesn't usually have to worry about is restrain - because he is so confidant that he has it in abundance. That's where Snyder and Lee comes in.

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