Why doesn't superman move faster in fights..

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We all know Superman is super strong, but having read through countless comics, I'm wondering why his speed isn't really used in battles as much as his strength. I'm thinking that if Superman is faster than a speeding bullet and not much behind Flash, surely most combatants shouldn't be able to touch him. Surely the guy would be able to move way to fast for most aggressors to land a punch. This argument is taken to the ultimate conclusion when he has in the past faced Batman, a mere human being, who has somehow been able to punch him. Then there are all the times when great hulking creatures like Doomsday and Mongul have pounded him senseless. Reading those comics, I'm shouting "use your speed and duck...!!"..Is it just poor comic booking writing or an acknowledgement that if supes' strength AND speed were used to their theoretical limits, he would just be too powerful to make it a contest? Hopefully "man of Steel" is going to address this a bit, I'm told the fight scenes are VERY quick!

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It's poor writing.

They brought this up, same reason wonder woman thinks she is faster then him. He has super speed but he never uses it, his reflex's are good but not that good compared to others that's why he gets pounded into oblivion by huge brutes like you said. Still makes no sense though, he should have mastered this like all his other powers otherwise when he is using his super speed he would be running through things and crashing into people left and right.

You have a scene in superman apocalypse where he is basically using heat vision and super speed at the same time as well as punches bombarding Darkseid completely but then all Darkseid does is stick out his hand and catches him....wouldn't supermans reflexs allow him to see that a mile away?

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1Most of Superman's best speed feats are in a straight line, he maybe can fly faster than Flash travels but he doesn't react like Flash. Up close and personal Flash can blitz Superman with many punches because Flash has much higher reflexes.

2 Comics need drama and they would be boring if Superman speed blitzed Lex Luthor, Grundy all the time

3 Superman is not a natural fighter, Superman has a poor style of fighting compared to Batman or Wonder Woman. WW naturally blocks bullets and the Bat can naturally dodge the aim of a criminal's attack. People who have better experience in combat arts and better agility will perform much better in hand to hand fights




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Same reason why Flash can run through time one second but can get hit by someone without super speed the next.

Comics would be boring without these tropes.

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Think about Superman's normal strength. Now lets say he decides to often throw punches at mach 7. See how quick most fights would end?

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Same reason why Flash can run through time one second but can get hit by someone without super speed the next.

Comics would be boring without these tropes.

Agree. Flash's inconsistency is rarely touched upon. He's "written for the story" even more-so than Superman IMO. (Not complaining though, love both characters).

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PIS,story needs

you know what i mean,bad writer

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He can get beat on and struggle as much as the writer likes as long as he wins. Unless civilians, or the world, are in danger, its not bad writing.

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