Why do so many people hate smallville?

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I watch a few episodes during the first few seasons but that's pretty much it. Why do so many people dislike the show though?

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I don't hate it. Lana really annoyed me. Clark could sometimes just have no personality. Chloe in the first couple, but once she really got over crush on Clark and really loved her. Lois and her banter are just pure awesome.

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@moywar700: because its more stupid soap-opera, love triangles than actual comic stuff. i liked the show but man does it get boring really fast with all love interests of clark kent.

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I love Smallville. People who hate it are actually dead on the inside. Poor them.

#5 Posted by UltimateSMfan (1656 posts) - - Show Bio

@sethysquare said:

I love Smallville. People who hate it are actually dead on the inside. Poor them.

#6 Posted by The Stegman (29139 posts) - - Show Bio
I love it, especially Chloe...still think she should have gotten with Clark 
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I didn't particularly dislike it, I just never really liked it.

#8 Posted by HolySerpent (13269 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved smallville from season 1-6. Clark and lana was better than lois and clark

#9 Posted by PhoenixoftheTides (3897 posts) - - Show Bio

It's boring and eventually the number of characters that appear despite them not making much sense at that time period became annoying. I liked the Justice League and the Legion's appearances, though.

#10 Posted by hectorsquall (1137 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked it. Chloe was a really interesting character and the show featured my favorite portrayal of Lex Luthor :p

#11 Posted by 0n1zuka (3712 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked the show and watched the first five seasons, but midway through the sixth, I just lost interest in it.

#12 Posted by Z3RO180 (7774 posts) - - Show Bio

For me it just got lost alot of the time. Like they would set up this story arc spaning over three episodes then complety forget about in and then bring it back up at some random pouint. Plus green arrow in this show was a complete waste of space in terms of everything cause he was bboring as well as lana man was she overrated.

#13 Posted by KenTheProfile (420 posts) - - Show Bio

@moywar700: Because it's dawson's creek with super powers. the best thing about it was Lex Luthor

#14 Posted by r3d_rob1n (543 posts) - - Show Bio

I like the show but it had some overused writing cliches and just too much soap opera stuff. If you played a drinking game to each time Lex said "Spare me the lecture" or "I'll fly in my specialists from Metropolis" you would be dead within the first 10 minutes

#15 Posted by AweSam (7526 posts) - - Show Bio

Name me all the people who dislike it and I personally visit them at discuss it with them.

#16 Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7 (1020 posts) - - Show Bio

The main two reasons I read/heard was the monster of the week formula and the teenage drama aspect. Personally, I loved the show.

#17 Posted by sethysquare (3964 posts) - - Show Bio

@HolySerpent said:

I loved smallville from season 1-6. Clark and lana was better than lois and clark

Yups. Totally.

#18 Posted by Omega-Man (825 posts) - - Show Bio

I hated Smaville with a passion and I'm a massive Superman fan. To me it was the Dawsons creek take on the aspect of Superman. And also Super heroes appearing that didn't make sense for that time frame.

#19 Posted by Dark_Vengeance_ (15329 posts) - - Show Bio

it was ok

#20 Posted by SuperJimmy (20 posts) - - Show Bio

low budget of a TV show for superman and the fact that it's on the CW, which makes it mandatory to do stupid teenage-ish romance bullshit? Yeah, I guess that's why. BUT, news flash, none of those bother me, and I enjoyed the show from the beginning to the end. (Ok, I admit I can't stand Lana. That's the ultimate reason I guess.....)

#21 Posted by joshmightbe (25994 posts) - - Show Bio

seasons 6,7 and 8 sucked as did the last 2 episodes but other than that I really liked the show because I looked at it as an else world

#22 Posted by TheAntiReVamp (394 posts) - - Show Bio

It does not appeal to me because of all the teenage romance aspects to it.

#23 Posted by xAnimosity (202 posts) - - Show Bio

I am currently watching the show, I am on the 6th season. My girlfriend is a huge Superman fan and wanted to watch it all again, this was my first time. And this show actually made me become a Superman fan. Even though its very dramatic and soap tvish. It made me connect more with Superman and want to read more about him. After growing up hating Superman, he is now one of my top 5 favorites. Some episodes are more fun than others, but the ones with JLA members are great. Plus Lois is nice to look at.

#24 Posted by RedOwl_1 (1743 posts) - - Show Bio

I loved Smallville A LOT (till I just watched first season complete, some episodes from other seasons and the 10 season complete)

It made me cry a few times...... and the soap novel-ish.... I'm a girl and till I hate soap novels, it mixed with superheroes and some action it's good enough for me :D

#25 Posted by sinestro_GL (3535 posts) - - Show Bio

@joshmightbe said:

seasons 6,7 and 8 sucked as did the last 2 episodes but other than that I really liked the show because I looked at it as an else world

#26 Posted by Endanger (195 posts) - - Show Bio

Um, because they got the Superman character ALL WRONG. Clark in Smallville is nothing like Superman in the comics.
The first offense is how dumb Clark is in Smallville, whereas Superman in the comics is extremely smart. Superman knows almost every language in the world, he can build future machines, he knows science, chemistry, he can fix space shuttles, anything you name it. Clark in Smallville is being lied to all the time, and he has no clue. Superman in the comics, knows exactly when anyone is lying to him. How? He has super-hearing, he listens to a person's heart-rate to see if they're lying. He can also use his X-Ray vision to see a person's DNA and figure out what diseases they have immediately. Clark never does any of this stuff in Smallville.
 Another reason is that Clark in Smallville kills. He has killed villains multiple times without any consequences, he just forgets about it the next day. 
 And the worst is the Kryptonite, which appears every goddamn episode. Kryptonite never appears in Superman comics, because the writers actually have to write a good story instead of pulling the cheap "Kryptonite" card everytime. Smallville writers obviously didn't get that. Kryptonite every damn episode. 
I mean, why can't Clark just use his X-Ray vision, scan entire Smallville for Kryptonite, and then just have his dad or someone collect them and lock them up in a shed???? Seriously, how dumb is he??

#27 Posted by ratman19 (550 posts) - - Show Bio

because thats not superman its some dump teenage soap opera

#28 Posted by RoninOmega (31 posts) - - Show Bio

Because Clark's pining over Lana got tired after the first 3 season and the fact Clark never really did anything "superman" like


#29 Posted by supermanfan1234 (227 posts) - - Show Bio

same plot most episodes kryptonite and lex luthor,which really dissapointed me in the comic i mean they should of introduced new characters but instead they continue to use lex luthor but hopefully that changes in the detective storyline

#30 Posted by buttersdaman000 (13002 posts) - - Show Bio

Their first mistake was putting it on the CW. As many people have already said, it was kind of like Dawson's Creek with Super powers. You can really apply that to any show on the CW actually, save Supernatural.....Dawson's Creek with Vampires, Spies, witches and so on. But anyway's, yeah, it was much to soap-opera-y for its own good. It also had a lot of lame villains of the week even into the later seasons. Usually, once a show establishes itself, they move past that, but Smallville never really did. And there were a series of letdowns the show gave me. Doomsday? Darkseid? Zod (who was actually the best overall, besides Lex)? Villains in general? They were all just very anti-climatic and lame. The series finale also sucked. Chloe was a waste of space, as was Oliver half the time. Lana annoyed me. And Lex should have never left.   
But still.....I liked the show a lot lol

#31 Posted by johnkmccubbin91 (3897 posts) - - Show Bio

Got exellent nearer the end happy the continue in comics

#32 Posted by Shotgun (912 posts) - - Show Bio

The reason why I liked this show.

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#33 Posted by TheSmallvillefan12 (190 posts) - - Show Bio

The teenage love triangles were annoying on the show but watching a young Clark grow into the Man of Steel was fun and until then relatively unexplored. Even if it took a little longer than it should for him to start flying.

#34 Posted by Skewer (348 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked it at first but after a couple of seasons I just couldn't take it any more. It was the same thing over and over again, monster of the week, love triangles, character either tied up bound or knocked out. And many good characters were badly portrayed and were not done any justice on that show. Plus once I found Bruce Timm's superman the animated series I never looked back. Besides its been done better in other places. If you don't believe me watch either the first George reeves superman episode, superman the movie or the 3 part pilot of superman TAS as well as the episode the new kids in town. Either of them are better than this.

#35 Posted by Omega Ray Jay (8326 posts) - - Show Bio

Never interested me, not being a Superman fan either doesn't help. The whole concept of Lex being in Smallvile to never sat well with me.

#36 Posted by cloudzackvincent (1084 posts) - - Show Bio

i don't actually hate it, but never cared for it either.... because it was more like a drama( which i guess was the intention)....

#37 Edited by Skewer (348 posts) - - Show Bio

I also want to point out that many characters weren't done any justice by the show. Many fans had a favourite character that was completely shafted or misshandled by the show like darkseid, doomsday, livewire, Lana Lang and many more. It was just too painful for fans to watch and many got the wrong impression of the characters because of that show. There was also repetive plot devices that really got old, just look at the superman homepage and see how many times they used the same plot devices like kryptonite, trust me it's a huge list.http://www.supermanhomepage.com/tv/tv.php?topic=reviews/smallville-knockout

#38 Posted by Razero (339 posts) - - Show Bio

The only thing I really didn't like was how Doomsday was portrayed.

#39 Posted by Bogey (1022 posts) - - Show Bio

Lana Lang is annoying. Probably the worst part of the series. Disappointed that there was no Legion of Super Heroes reference.

#40 Posted by Eternal19 (2178 posts) - - Show Bio

The show didnt seem like i was watching a superman show

#41 Posted by TitanTempest (351 posts) - - Show Bio

@sethysquare said:

I love Smallville. People who hate it are actually dead on the inside. Poor them.


#42 Posted by Sovereign91001 (5583 posts) - - Show Bio

Loved the first six seasons. It kinda went off the rails after that though for me, don't get me wrong there were episodes sprinkled throughout the last four seasons I enjoyed but there were more misses than hits imo.

#43 Posted by joshmightbe (25994 posts) - - Show Bio

I think most people who don't like it on the grounds that its different from the comics probably don't understand the concept of an elseworld or What If story. If someone doesn't like it based on the actual quality of the show that's fine I can respect that, I liked it but it was a far from perfect show. But for those of you whining that it isn't the same Superman from the comics all I have to say is well no sh*t, they said from episode one that this was going to be a different take on the character, they made no promises of a carbon copy of your most preferred version of the comic. And besides which Superman version do people consider the "Real" Superman, Is it the original vigilante Superman who ran from police, The Golden Age War bond salesman, The Silver age god who treated humans like toys, The 90s mullet guy, Electric Superman or New 52? The dude has gone through plenty of massive personality changes over the years, Smallville was just another version.

#44 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked Smallville...

not too crazy about the comic series they have going though

#45 Posted by boriqua0703 (11 posts) - - Show Bio

I like The Show, yea like some people say it was more Soap Operaish but it was really good, personally I liked the first 4 seasons of it the best but it erks me that he cant freakin fly yet and he already beat doomsday. for the most part i like it.

#46 Posted by jrock85 (2882 posts) - - Show Bio

Smallville: Season 11 is doing very well in digital sales.

#47 Posted by joshmightbe (25994 posts) - - Show Bio

@boriqua0703: even the die hard fans hate the Doomsday season

#48 Posted by ssejllenrad (13028 posts) - - Show Bio

Like some of the people here said... It's more soap-opera than superhero series. Aside from that, the far deviation from the source materials affected my interest in the series. Not that far deviation is a bad thing (cause I loved Nolan's deviations) but I just felt they did it wrong. That's just me.

I don't really hate it. But I hate the fanatics. Fans are ok. But the fanatics piss the sh*t out of me. For example, the backlash when Henry Cavill was selected for Man of Steel. It was ridiculous. The fanatics wanted Welling to be the one and only Superman. That will kill the movie franchise. People will associate the movie with the show and the polarized fan/hate-base would cut the interest in the movie.

Another example of fanaticism? Here ya go...

@TitanTempest said:

@sethysquare said:

I love Smallville. People who hate it are actually dead on the inside. Poor them.



#49 Posted by Tyrus (1208 posts) - - Show Bio

I just started watching Smallville and to be honest, it's really good. Funnily enough though, I only started watching because I want to see Justin Hartley as Green Arrow for his appearance in Season 6, yet apparently everybody says the show starts to suck after Season 5 onwards, lol.

#50 Posted by moywar700 (3013 posts) - - Show Bio

Got bored of Snooresville

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