Who's Your Fav. Superman Artist?

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Topic name is pretty self-explanatory.

My personal favourite is Gary Frank:

#2 Posted by CrimsonCake (2683 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't know the artist but I was once saw this superman picture on the top of a pencil box and I don't know who drew it.Anyway I would choose it if I could find it.

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I'm a big fan of Gary Frank's art but I don't like his Christopher Reeves style Superman. It should be left in the past. My current favourites are Shane Davis, Catt Staggs and Anthony Marques.

By Shane Davis
By Anthony Marques
Cat Staggs Superman
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Jim Lee

#5 Posted by supermanfan1234 (206 posts) - - Show Bio

rags morales,jim lee,

#6 Posted by WaveMotionCannon (5859 posts) - - Show Bio

Ed Mcguiness

#7 Posted by Supes1903 (137 posts) - - Show Bio

Jim Lee @MB25 said:

Jim Lee

#8 Posted by The_Tree (8194 posts) - - Show Bio

Gary Frank, then Jim Lee.

#9 Posted by davelecave (1111 posts) - - Show Bio


#10 Posted by 0n1zuka (3707 posts) - - Show Bio

Jim Lee, Ed Benes, and Dan Jurgens

#11 Posted by Video_Martian (5562 posts) - - Show Bio

Jim Lee

Frank Quitely

Gary Frank

#12 Posted by ssejllenrad (12790 posts) - - Show Bio

Alex Ross, Gary Frank, Jim Lee, Ivan Reis

#13 Posted by SandMan_ (4528 posts) - - Show Bio
@MB25 said:

Jim Lee

#14 Posted by sethysquare (3842 posts) - - Show Bio

Ken Rocafort

#15 Posted by cc1738 (359 posts) - - Show Bio

Shane Davis. I loved the art in Superman Earth One.

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Really liked Lee Bermejo's Superman.

Though I do have a soft spot for John Byrne's Superman, and having read several collections featuring stories going back to the 1950's, Curt Swan was always solid.

#17 Posted by Deranged Midget (17989 posts) - - Show Bio

Ivan Reis, Jim Lee, John Byrne.

#18 Posted by Gambit1024 (9843 posts) - - Show Bio

Jim Lee, Shane Davis, and Alex Ross.

#19 Posted by Lvenger (21958 posts) - - Show Bio

1. Gary Frank

2. Jim Lee

3. Frank Quitely

#20 Posted by JohnnyWalker (821 posts) - - Show Bio

@WaveMotionCannon said:

Ed Mcguiness
#21 Posted by Kurrent (14073 posts) - - Show Bio
Superman/Batman: Supergirl
Blue red and yellow!

Michael Turner

#22 Posted by polo327 (58 posts) - - Show Bio

Normally I'd say Jim Lee, but I'm quickly being converted to Kenneth Rocafort.

#23 Posted by Mr_Winchester (714 posts) - - Show Bio

There was this picture where you see Shazam and Superman punching. Whoever drew that I like it. 

#24 Posted by Night Thrasher (3728 posts) - - Show Bio

ed benes

john byrne

ian churchill

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