Who is stronger than Silver-age Superman?

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SA Superman is crazily overpowered but didn't Mongul Sr. beat him? Who all is stronger than SA Superman?

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she broke the force that held the universe together with 0 effort.

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Pretty much anyone who's stronger than him now. They were all overpowered during the Silver Age, but then got depowered all together.

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Nobody, Superman were dc's most popular character at that time (batman were not more popular untill the end of the 80's)



And please Pre Crisis Superman were much stronger than pre crisis supergirl :)

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Silver Age Darkseid and Mongul.

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No one was. Darkseid and Mongul weren't introduced until the Bronze Age, Despero didn't have super strength in the Silver Age, and just about everyone who is stronger than the Man of Steel now weren't around then.

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No one is stronger than him.

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SA Validus, Composite Superman...

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AS it has been said no one. He were stronger than everyone at that time. In the silver age Superman could lift tons of PLANETS as easy as we can lift a baseball. And Supernovas and all sorts of stuff did not hurt him at all.

In the Bronze AGe they made him weaker. He still could lift tons of planets though. But not as easy as in the silver age.

Silver Age Superman is the strongest superhero EVER even if you like it or not.

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eh.suprema?she lift entire universe

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Mr. Majestic. He is better than Superman in every way.

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@CorbinLowrie said:

Mr. Majestic. He is better than Superman in every way.

Wasn't Mr. Majestic really just Silver Age Superman in the Wildstorm universe?

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Check this site out and scroll down to his "Powers and Abilities".

It says the upper limits of his strength are unknown (which alone makes the answer to this post near impossible). Also, he has rearranged our entire solar system by moving planets and a star. That is just ridiculous. He flew from one side of the universe to the other(93 billion light years in distance! I just looked that up) in only 3 months which means he can fly at 155,000,000,000.01 miles per second (Just did the math and triple checked it) which is 517.02435 times the speed of light, without getting tired or needing anything to eat or drink.I highly doubt the writers for DC thought of this math when they wrote the story of him doing this. Other heroes and villains have said it appears as if he teleports because he flies so fast. With this being said, I think his incredible speed should somehow reflect his strength and if not, the fact that he didn't get tired during that endeavor should prove that he has certainly more stamina than Superman which I believe counts for more than strength. And though, I know the question is: "Who is Stronger", the fact that DC's site says, Mr. Majestic's upper limit to his strength is unknown, I feel that those extra facts are just "Now Ya Know" details which I find pretty interesting considering I have never done the math for that until now. Technically this answer will never be known until DC makes a statement about it and since the characters are fictional, their strengths can not really be defined unless stated directly from the writers. I hope this at least makes this forum worth the look even if no conclusion can come of it because the title itself will, I'm sure, get many looks. And I will end it with this, in my last comment, I said, " Mr. Majestic. He is better than Superman in every way." I take this back now because I can honestly say, I don't know enough about the two characters to know if that is entirely true. Sorry for making that statement due to my lack of knowledge.

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Jack Kirby with a pencil and a clean eraser.

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No worries, we all make comments like that sometimes. Majestic does sound a lot like Silver Age Superman to me. SA Supes could move planets to rearrange galaxies, created a brand new solar system once, and could fly fast enough to break the time/space barrier. So far as I know, the upper levels of his strength were never recorded either. I do think that Majestic's power levels were an homage to Silver Age Superman especially since Post-Crisis Superman was not nearly as powerful as either of them. I even remember an Alan Moore scripted issue of WildC.A.T.S where Majestic makes comment like: "This would've never happened in the 60's." Which I took as a nod to Majestic being like a cipher for Silver Age Superman. I see them as equals so far as power levels are concerned.

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That sounds about right. I don't think we would live long enough to watch that full fight if they ever battled it out, unless Mr. Majestic froze Superman with his breath, that is. I wish I knew more about Superman.

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Wikipedia does a pretty good break-down of Silver Age Superman's power set. It's pretty vast.

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@CorbinLowrie: This is crazy, the silver age Superman can pull a star ( disposable )In second, silver age Superman moves the sun - only his breathIn third, the silver age Superman sneeze destroy the solar systemNo feat of MM close to the silver age Superman

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SA superman move many planets in one hand,MM never do it,he just move a solar system(and just one by one,not once)

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his limits is your imagination.

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Anyway, in my impression, suprema " strength show " was most powerful feat SA superman,he never show us his limits,so,But I am also very difficult to be sure he can lift the universe.. Although long ago I think so too

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Since the issue at hand is "stronger", would He-Man not count(at least for physical strength and speed). And there still is the green Hulk. Both of these characters have no upper limit to their strength.

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I don't know if Mr Majestic is stronger than Silver Age Superman, but he is pretty damn close..I would rank Mr Majestic higher than Captain Marvel in overall strength..

Now one person i would rank higher than SA-SUPERMAN IS..Superman Prime One Million..his strength is limitless: W/O a doubt..

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Someone from a planet in the same cluster Krypton was in that is buffer than Superman.

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Bugs Bunny

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All Star Superman.

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Rune King Thor

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Chewforce Batman

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Silver Age Superman strongest there is.

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All Star Superman.

Not really, not even close. Superman almost destroyed the Multiverse by flying too fast

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I don't believe there's a more powerful version of Superman than that of the silver-age.

Even the New 52 Superman doesn't come close to those levels of power. In a way it's good but in another hand it isn't that great.

The thing I liked more about the silver age Superman was that he found new ways to make himself more powerful, has his enemies grew in number and power so he did what he had to do to make himself more powerful. True that the writers went overboard, and simply made him so powerful that for the exception of kriptonite he was pratically invincible. He was able to travel so fast that he broke the boundaries of the universe, broke through dimension planes and almost reached The Divine. He could do pretty much anything, and that was the bad part, were things collapsed altogether.

Yes he should evolve and become better, but not to the point were the writers are left with little room to maneuver. And that's were writers have been failing completely, all more recent versions of Superman are frozen characters. He doesn't improve himself, he doesn't learn from past mistakes.

It's almost like since the silver age, writers got so afraid to improve him that even the slightest of changes are in most cases a one time deal.

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Superman wins

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The One Above All, The Living Tribunal, The Spectre, Pre-Retcon Beyonder, Galactus, Eternity, Lucifer Morningstar, The Presence, The Great Evil Beast, Thanos with the Heart of The Universe, Kami Tenchi and a shitload of other characters. Pre-Crisis Superman isn't that powerful when you compare him against all the characters that exist in fiction.

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SA Superman could always develop a anti - ( a characters name here ) vision and that's how he would destroy him. SA Superman is unbeatable.


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Pre-Crisis Mongul



Dr Fate

The Specter

Swamp Thing

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