What is the difference between Silver age and Pre-52 Superman?

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I always hear how Silver age Superman was way stronger than Pre-52 Superman but by how much? Also how does he compare to the 52 and Golden age Superman? Also by stronger I don't mean just his super strength but all his powers.

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basically in the silver age he had absolutely no limits,now he does.

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@UltimateSMfan said:

basically in the silver age he had absolutely no limits,now he does.

This is correct his limit was really your imagination

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@MrShway88: in the SA if superman wanted to knock out god with a blink he could

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Pre-52/Post-Crisis Superman was a pitiful weakling in comparison to other Supermen, Golden Age Superman started out weaker than Silver Age Superman but gradually increased to his power levels, and Post-52/Post-Infinite Crisis Superman was basically a Bronze Age Superman with elements of Post-Crisis/Pre-52 Superman's continuity thrown in. Post-Flashpoint/The New 52 Superman is a disgrace to the name of Superman, with his power levels barely reaching those of a primitive Golden Age Superman.

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The douchebaggery was strong with Silver Age. Not so much with Post-Crisis.

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The Silver Age Superman was far more powerful in every regard.

The Pre-52 Superman was a watered down version of SA Superman.

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Golden Age Earth Two Kal-L Superman was powerful, but had his power levels increased with age. Even to the extent of knocking out Pre-Crisis Superman in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Pre-Crisis Silver Age Superman was essentially God like in power levels. In terms of feats, this guy was second to none.

Post-Crisis Superman had his powers, and started off more powerful than Golden Age Supes did, but never came close to those Pre-Crisis power levels.

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One is awesome (silver-age) and the other is desperately trying to figure out where his awesomeness went.

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1938 mythology had more believable evolved Kryptonians who all jumped like grasshoppers even on Krypton. Silver age Superman had a cool mythology like Kandor which had Van Zee Nightwing and Ak Var Flamebird. Don-El was in charge of Kandor. The cool phantom zone villains were Jax Ur, General Zod, Kru El, Prof Vakox and Faora. Pre flashpoint Superman started with both parents Jonathan and Martha alive in the 1980s which I liked a lot.

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Ok so let me ask you guys some questions on Superman..which is more powerful ; Pre52 Superman or New-52 Supes?

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