What is the DCnU Superman's origin?

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I know people roll there eyes even I do as a Superman fan but really I have no knowledge of this Superman's origin at all, like how did Ma and Pa Kent die? and when did they die? What does this Kal EL's Kryptonian parents look like? Has this Superman got a Fortress of Solitude? Is there still Green Kryptonite? How rare is it? Is there a General Zod in this universe?

And this is from just the origin story, sure I like the new take but really I want more information on Superman's origin.

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We'd all like the answers to these questions. The only thing that will deliver them to us is time. My best educated guesses are all I can give you. Pa Kent has traditionally passed away from a heart attack, so that's where I'd put the smart money on his death. However, with the fact that Ma's deceased as well, we may not rule out something like a car crash that tragically kills them both at once (in the Silver Age they died from a weird, tropical virus from the past, but that's not likely to happen again). I would think that they died sometime around Clark's college years because in every age they've been alive long enough to see him through High School. I would say, yes there will be a Fortress of Solitude and Green Kryptonite at some point in the story. I feel like they'd probably want to keep it pretty rare at first to keep it from being overused. I have a feeling we'll see Phantom Zone criminals at some point whether Zod is among them or not. Whether Morrison or Perez write in any of these things is another question altogether. We may not see some of them until the next round of creators.

As for Krypton and Superman's birth parents, Morrison's revamp has followed the Golden Age mythos pretty well so far. Maybe it'll resemble something like this: http://www.thespeedingbullet.com/daily/ep01_15/ep1.html

As I said before, this is all speculation on my part. I can't wait to see what we find out as the story progresses. Stick with it and you'll get your answers.

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his origin will probably be revealed during Morrison's run on action comics, and it will probably be through an interview writen by Lois Lane or Clark Kent

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Mutated wolverine.

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Judging by a lot of the other characters in the DCnU, there are probably a bunch of things about Superman's origin that are going to be the same. Of course, the others above are right to say things like "give it some time" or "Grant Morrison will give us a reveal," but there is certainly some room for speculation. Part of me wonders if maybe Pa Kent had a little more of a chip on his shoulder, or if maybe they weren't great parents and Clark learned to be good despite them. I think we'll get some Kryptonian background sooner than later. Clark's landlord did mention three people looking for him, which could easily be Zod and crew. Considering Superboy keeps remembering small town Kansas, the whole Smallville aspect of Superman is likely to be similar in many ways. Morrison was quoted as trying to create a Superman who doesn't need silly inventions like different-colored Kryptonite, a Superman who can be defeated in other ways. That doesn't mean we won't have all those kryptonites, but they'll probably be more story-driven and better explored rather than just being a trick.

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I have to say true to most of all these aspects since no one knows yet, but after reading Grifter and with the inclusion of alot of aspects from Wildstorm sound it be that maybe this Superman has a bit of Majestic within his character? seems so to me character wise, plus Daemonites are in this DC universe do they have any part with Krypton? A war? or anything? I know it's early to tell but what are people's thoughts on that?

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