What if..Superman?

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I'm not a huge Superman fan, but these ideas just popped into my head and I had to ask somebody, so I'll ask you guys!

I'm wondering what the stories would be like if he had been brought up by the families of the other heroes.

What if Superman had...

...landed in the Wayne's back yard? Imagine Batman and Superman fighting crime together from their youth, what a menacing duo! Beats Robin anyway. How would that change Batsy's and Supermans attitudes?

...landed in the ocean and was found by the Atlantians? How would Superman act if he had spend his life under the rule of the magical Atlantis royalty, Aquaman himself? Would his powers be weakness by the lack of sunlight beneath the waves or would the pressure and constant swimming strengthen him?

...landed in the throne-room of the savage Amazons? How would the Amazons react to a man that could kick their asses? Imagine a hardened, battle trained Superman cutting off heads! Would Wonderwoman have a arranged marriage with ol' Supes, would their kids be the greatest warriors on Earth?

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the Wayne one has been done in the elseworld "Speeding Bullets"...

think the Atlantian one was done in Superman: One Man JLA... but it's been years since i read those...


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Interesting ideas. If he had landed in any of those areas, he would certainly lose his "boyscout" title as he is known for.

But just so you know, the Amazons would never resort to arranged marriage.

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I think he would be the most badass if he was with the Amazons.

I think he would still end up the same with Batman.

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What is baby Kal-El's rocket landed on...

1.- New Genesis

2.- Warworld

3.- 5th Dimension

4.- Thanagar

5.- Metropolis, instead of Smallville

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Post Deleted.

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GOTHAM SUPERMAN= bruce and clark (if his name is still clark) would be raised togqther and when mr and ms wayne are killed its possible clark might either move them out of the way or take the hit for himself and batman would never of existed....or maybe not and batman superman become teamates after superman is done with the fortress stus

ATLANTIS= I dont really know

AMAZONS= his and wonder woman would proablly become sibling rivals.

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probably if superman landed in gotham, when Mr. and Mrs. wayne die he became like a batman but not with that name and bruse then became like the side-kick or like an alfred in the HQ waiting for the new super-bat to come after a long night of butt kicking.

if he landed in atlantis he would probably became leader of team of aqua guys or something. simple

and if he landed with the amazons he wpuld probably became a badassm, yeah, pretty much like that because amazons dont aprove men but he has awsome powers so they will accept him with the condition of just save women or becoming gay. lol

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I liked the Gotham Superman one.

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Gannon Nereid said:
I'm not a huge Superman fan, but these ideas just popped into my head and I had to ask somebody, ... [more]

Story #1 almost already exists in an elseworlds story.  Clark's rocket lands near the Wayne's as they are out for a drive.  They adopt him and name him Bruce, then never bother to have a second child.  When they depart the theater on that fateful evening, all three are shot.  But the bullets just bounce off of young Bruce instead of killing him.
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i think if he landed in gotham he could still turn out like he did. If you takethe wayne family from batman begins, Bruces dad talks about doing the right thing and being more fortunate than others. If kal-el than saw his parents die, he could try to stand up for what they believed in, esentially becoming superman just with different colors maybe.

If he landed in the amazon i think that would be awesome but i think they would try to kill him first or just send him away. If they did try to kill him and they couldnt, they would probably see him as a prophet of son of aphrodity or something. Either their savior or there destructor. I bet hippolta or whatever dianas moms name is would probably protect him from harm bc it would still just be a baby after all.

Atlantis would be different but i think out of the three choices this one would bring destruction to the world first. He would end up with the attitude and cockieness of aqua man and would most likely destroy the above ground world for what they have reduced the atlantians down too. no one would be safe in the water.

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